Week 10 Commons Suggestion for Week 11


I like that you provided 48 opportunities for the 4 commons however it has issues I would like you to consider changing for week 11.

  1. put the locations back in the parks. The locations were reduced in my local parks. The closest park to me had 2 of the 6 locations removed leaving 4 stops. One just gone and the other turned into a battle location. I then drove to a large park and noted a couple stops that were nearer the street were gone. If you are going to give us 48 opportunities please give us plenty of stops to find them.

  2. If we are getting 48 chances then all the stops should have a dinosaur. Since I drove to multiple parks tonight, I noted that a high percentage of the stops did not have a dinosaur. One park had 4 stops and 2 were empty.

  3. For commons with 48 opportunities, reduce the dino choice to 3 not 4. I decided to go for the Velo and Galimimus since the other 2 are everywhere but it seems like there were more Tany and and a lot more Deinos.

So I go to my local park and instead of 6 stops there are 4. Of the 4, 1 is always empty; one has a Tany; and one has a Deino. The last one seems to cycle between the Velo and the Galimimus.

Do you sense my frustration in not having the opportunity to dart the ones that are more useful? I think I ended my quest with 12 attempts left.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just in Dallas?


I only got one gallimimus so…


The only gallys i saw were on the drive to the park we take our dog and i got maybe 6 gallys since those were the only ones near the highway lol. The 3 stops 2 blocks from my house have only big white dodo bird and raptor everyday