Week dinosaurs event is unfair!


So since the new format of the week SD events its not fair with players that dont live in a city with huge parks that have a lot of event SD. Example: this week on wednesday we will have gorgosaur, irritator and t-rex gen 2 on the event SD and I would love to use most of the 18 attempts on irritators since he is the most useful/hard to get DNA of them, but the thing is i dont think my city even has 18 event SD tbh, and each park (even the bigger and mostrar popular one) has only 1 event SD on It. So, If I pass by a event SD o got get what It have right now, i’m not really able to choose how I want to expend my attempts, that way i just depend on luck to get what I want or have to go to different parks (that are far away from each other) like each 3 hours. That’s why I think the old format of the event with one dino per day only is more fair for all players, let me know what you think.

Irritator tomorrow?

Let’s take your example itself: This week, there are 3 rares spanning just 1 day.

Though event format has been changed (multiple) dinosaurs a day(s), the number of attempts has remained same. So basically, they are trying to give you more dinos within the same amount of days! You are getting 18 rare dinos in 1 day vs the original 6 rare dino/day.

I know you would be happy if for this one day, it would have been Irritiator. But let’s say unfortunately, we get T-Rex Gen2 only for that day (with old format). Would you rather collect 6 of unnecessary DNAs or prefer to collect 2-3 of Irritiator DNA along with maybe Gorgosaurus DNA that would would need for some hybrid? Along, with the spawn rotation (different dino replacing the earlier one every 3hr (rare), you might be even able to get more than 6 Irritiators in a single day if lucky).

I understand the problem of spawns not getting evenly distributed. Maybe there can be an improvement on multiple dinosaurs getting spawned around 1 Supply Drop or increase the number of supply drops!


I feel you man, there’s a single green supply drop in my town. I just gave up on the special event dinos.


Way to troll someone!


Yeah, man. Not useful at all, and quite disrespectful to be honest.


Keep going, every post will just get reported.


I’m Brazilian man, but thanks for your “help” haha


The game can’t help the geography of our individual towns.
Park Dinos pop up in parks… sorry?


The game could design in anyway it felt like it.


They are not park dinos. Many of the green drops are not in parks. We just need more in small towns.


Seems like there’s no way to keep everyone happy :blush:


You lack imagination.


There’s about to be a “migration” …
I’d just sit tight and see how things go by the end of the week


I mean, the distribution of normal SD are super fair and nice, even in rural zones that I visited. So, why the event SD distribution cant be the same?


You’ve outdone yourself this time :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s got nothing to do with parks. Event drops appear in streets too, not specifically parks. You play this game right?


Ummm. You are incorrect sir.


Migration has nothing to do with what the OP is talking about.


I’ve seen plenty on streets, not even near a park. How is he wrong?


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