Week-end on french atlantic coast


A little bit unfair comparared to where usualy hunt.


I agree 100%

this is what I have to get dinosaurs from a park with nothing in it but drop boxes :rage:


Are the lack of visible spawns in your screenshot due to how far away you are from the park, though?

I live roughly 2.5 to 3 blocks away from a park, and I can’t see what’s under the Event Drops whatsoever. When I’m within a block and a half or so, then the spawns become visible. Similarly, @Ofzefishbone is already in a designated “park area” with lots of Event drops, “illuminating” all the nearby Event drops and showing what’s beneath them.

It might be a mechanic to prevent players from checking Event drops at a distance, forcing them to walk farther and get closer for a better look. But yeah, it would be nice if some areas were as packed with Event drops as that location.


As soon as it gets dusk I can normally see the 1st 5 drop box dinos 4 green by the orange one, but the last couple of days nothing in the day or if I’m lucky I mite see 1 lol, at the minute I’m putting it down to Ludia trying to ban spoofer


as you can see dusk as just hit my map and like magic dinosaurs start to show up lol