Week Event Idea


Yeah, there are some peeps thay make these; but I got one too!

One day, let’s make the focus of one of these Events be focused on dinos that have the move Superiority Strike. There are a lot of opportunities that can be given here;

-Stego, Parasaurolophus and maybe Iguanodon for the Commons

-Then for the rares, Edmontosaurus, Giraffititan, and the stegosauride cousin within the rare category (bro, don’t act as if that name isn’t hard to pronounce, let alone spell >3<)

-For the epics, there would be Oranosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Kentrosaurus.

I know some of the flying creatures have it too, but they have their own category, as we all know.

Personally, this could be fun to do; I honestly would love to have Brachiosaurus kicking a raptor around like a soccer ball xDDD


:-1:t4: (Downvote)


Aww why not? What’s wrong with it? It gives people the opportunity to make different Legendary and Epic hybrids.

I personally think it would be interesting to make those newer hybrids; not to mention just to have the opportunity to do something is cool to have.


down vote too :-1: .
up vote on kentrosaurus though. :+1:


Upvote on Tuojiangosaurus, Giraffatitan, Kentro, and Ourano.

Downvote on the rest. Especially Iguanodon.


I could go for some juicy Ouranosaurus DNA. I never see her.


Lol, y’all don’t like Edmontosaurus. That’s okay, it ain’t the strongest of the hadrosaur dinosaurs anyway.


Besides, the other dinosaurs are just filler dinos - the list has to last for the week ya know.