Week of 8/6 Event




Great week!! I just need not to care about the hottest degrees we have here in Italy and catch as many velociraptor I can… 48 attempts nice but… only two days??? :scream: I think I am a lucky person living in a city but now I have just 5 green boxes with the last update that killed many of the others and replaced them with the orange ones… I can’t think about other people who have maybe one green box in their nearby…

It is ok for me that we can’t choose which dino will spawn in each green box but thus we need more green drops in order to collect as many DNA that we can. And again, 48 attempts in two days (calculating the respawn time and that we all have a life and we can’t just go camping in a public city park to wait the dinos come up again :sweat_smile: ) and then we will have 3 days to make 24 attempts … I don’t think it is balanced IMO


It’s not balanced. I live in the outskirts of a city. Within a 2 mile radius I’ve got 6 event drops total…3 in one direction, 3 in another. With this many dinos floating around, and the limited time to catch them plus respawn times, the only way to manage is by getting the bus into town (about 20 min) and hoping what I need is spawning at the town moor. It’s all a gamble. The events are becoming less and less accessible.


Yeah, Update 1.13 removed like half the Event Drops in my city … RIP my 100+ Event Drops previously. :sob:

They just increased the amount of attempts again … don’t know why, we don’t deserve that many tries actually … but we shouldn’t complain. It used to be 12/day for Commons … so 24x attempts for Monday/Tuesday … not twice that many.

… you better do not complain about Ludia giving us 100% more attempts … or they better change it back to normal for being ungrateful …


I mean… what’s the point of this event anyway? There is not a single “green” drop in my town, yea - it’s a small town (25k ppl) but we used to have at least 1 drop… which is gone after update.
It’s not like we don’t have parks, ok? But somehow… according to the game, ludia or whatever… these areas aren’t even marked as a green on the map, not talking about event drops.
TBH I don’t think so that size of the town, city etc. matters because I went to my hometown, which is even smaller and there were like 15 greens…

So, have fun, catch all the event dinos, shame all other players can’t compete with the “lucky” ones.

English is not my native langugage so go easy on me pls :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure the OP is wrong… the commons are across 3 days, not 2 and the rares are across 2 days, not 3


They are correct. Commons Monday + Tuesday, rares Wednesday + Thursday + Friday.


Why does it say on supply drops that there is another 1 day left of event then?

I went to one earlier said 1 day and 4h left of event.
Assuming the next “event” is rares ?


Is it because were in UK and Americans are backwards


Ludia’s uses EDT time to set up and run events because they’re based in Canada. So here in North America, the common showcase ends early Wednesday before it switches to Rares. That’s like Wednesday afternoon for the U.K. players, right?

So yeah, there’s still roughly 24 hours to catch as many Gallimimus as you can—or whatever else you’re hunting.

Best of luck!


Well technically I am American, but I agree they’re backwards. That’s why I moved. :wink:


So, I won all the attempts on a strike event in Houston and each day I checked, it was counting down the time until the event ended. I understood that was when I would get my incubator. However, I left Houston that morning and have never received that incubator. What do I do? This is the one that closed yesterday morning.


You should get the incube from the strike event the second you complete all the battles. Well, technically there’s two, one from midpoint and the big prize at the end.


How many of you are shocked that i was right? I’ll wait…


A) No need to boast
B) because there were a bunch of fakes or false stuff floating around that day, it was hard for anyone to believe it. So it was very surprising to see you were correct. Though I was more shocked that Ludia is evem doing an event this big.


Not boasting. If any of u knew or realized how easy it is to datamine a game. U would never doubt me. Ill also have this next week’s dinos early. So be on the lookout for thay post too lol


Datamine? That impatient, huh? Did you know datamining ruins games? They’re even more looked down upon than cheaters.


If he is really data mining/going through code to understand the meta, I really appreciate his skills/efforts! If one has some skills, why not use it and use it for helping others? He is not going against any TOS.

A lot of patch 1.3 information, like the hybrid combos etc. were shared well before the update. I wish I had taken them more seriously and collected DNAs like that of Dilophosaurus, Sarchosuchus etc. I used to be in Local 3 and used to ignore Dilophosaurus mocking it as useless. Now I am so short of Dilopho DNA and wish I had collected back then :slight_smile:


Um, it kinda is going against ToS since it’s still hacking the game to get the codes. Because of dataminers, Gen7 of Pokemon was nearly ruined. Last thing I want os for any game to het ruined like that.


Datamining isn’t hacking :joy::joy::joy: