Week of July 2 Showcase


Just a touch disappointing, but then again, it’s the 4th of July Weekend, kinda. Hey, free T-Rex and whatever the other two are (the bird-like hybrid and the other Epic). Looking forward to having a real Irritator since my Gen2’s just sitting there. I can see myself going for some free Player Exp.


Disappointing? A pyroraptor (which I still don’t eve have 1 dna of), a t-Rex (always necessary) and a legendary? The rest are a bit pointless, but man, those three!


I think based on the promise by developers we are going to get combination of attempts? So the raptor is going to combine with TRex!!! Noooo!! I want both to have as max attempt as possible!!!


So does that mean if you don’t want pyroraptor, you can have 6 attempts at the t rex?


Yeah. Maybe that was it.


Need to find out for definite, as I want 6 t rex…
But if that’s not the case and you do only get 3, then I’ll miss out on 3 attempts at the pyro


Didn’t call the good dinos disappointing. Just the other choices. No one really uses Tany or Sarcho, Dimetrodon loses his touch pretty quick, but Irritator seems like a safe bet as you climb. Ah, so that bird-like one is Pyroraptor? Oh yeah, getting him along with my Rex!


Whoever tries out the new setup, whether it’s there or not, provide screenshots! I think we’re all dying to know how it works XD


Tanycolagreus is actually very good for a common. Or it was, until blue and delta came along, because Tany was the second fastest but not anymore. Yeah, maybe you are right and she is useless now :confused:


The legendary this week is Pyrritator


Poor Tany XD. I mean, I sure he can still be used if done right but, I hardly used him. Stuck with my Vraptor instead XD


Oooh, sounds like a nasty customer!


Nice event for the hackers. Now they will have not only a free indoraptor, but a free pyrritator too



I think the collaboration of attempts in two different dinosaur is a good thing. Meaning dna attempt on monday and tuesdays, wednesday and thursday, friday and saturday are combined in each of two dinosaur since there are 2 day reset of special events. The last maybe is one attempt co’z its the legendary or unique dinosaur.:rofl:


I have seen 2 of the seven dinosaurs in parks at the same time. Does anyone know how they are doing this


They have promised that in their announcement few days ago.
So I guess for now they are pairing up same rarity dinos together.
You got to choose in that given attempts how much tries you want on which dino in the given time period. So I am gunning all 24 tries on the little common raptor Tany coz the croc is everywhere here in my area!


You still need lots of dna for that since indoraptor needs both Vraptor and I-Rex, and by extension T-Rex which doesn’t spawn all that much. But 60,000 to evolve that thing?!


I have both appear so much in my area it’s insane.


Level 21 to 22, yes…
Double the amount every level


Good lord…seems like the rarer the dino, the more coins it needs. Which appears in every game I’ve played, so that’s not farfetched.