Weekend Boss Raids

Hi everyone

Here’s a thought.

Ludia may activate for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays all the inactive Bosses that they had discontinued and bring them back randomly for weekends. Mostly because some of them a lot of people needs them, such as Sinoceratops, etc.

Remember there a lot of low level players which can not do the Apex Raids in the weekend…and what do we have on weekends to do?

The PVP tournament. Most of the players enter the tournament just for the 10 kills.
Darting dinos and doing the weekly special event dinos. In the weeken may vary from 9 for Epics to one for unique and legendary.
Collect daily coins.
Fighting the daily incubators challenges and do daily challenge.

Weekends tend to be more slow, at least for me, than the weekdays.

What do u think to bring them back just for weekends and random?

JWA community, your thoughts.


I would like an Argentavis, Woolly Mammoth, Carnotarkus and Geminititan raid for Fridays