Weekend content

Most players are unable to go much beyond the unlimited section of the special event, so by Thursday that’s finished. And if you don’t own Nayeli or haven’t completed Heartcoil Deeps, there is no content on the weekends, when most players want and are able to play a lot.

This is a familiar pattern.

Why not add daily events, perhaps timer events etc to the weekend schedule,

AND why not add a Valentine event and other holidays too. Perhaps a rare card signifying that day.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. The heart coil deep event has a 35 gem fee which makes it a worse investment of your resources than just running the normal challenges.


You missed my point.

Mine has a juicy 28 copies Holy Avenger in the 20 slot. I’m going to gem all 8 runs chasing after it.

Oh Nice sadly I got the one that give the damage reflection

I got the ring in the 20 spot (and I need more copies of that ring), but I also blew through 500k gold last month and am probably back logged another 500k-1M gold for leveling items and characters. When you look at the gem cost, it equates to somewhere between 778-1556 gold per run which is just to steep for me. I’m better off waiting for the ring appearing in a normal challenge.

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