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Weekend Dinos are useless


We need t-rex
I thank right now most players want it


We just got 5 uniques, could you stop whining for a sec?


I want a monolometrodon unique hybrid.


I want a Postimetrodon unique hybrid, also a animated Deathstroke movie would be kinda cool.


Ahh yeah I love Posti got mine to level 19 lol. Same with my monolo lvl 19. They both should get a unique.

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Yeah I absolutely love my Postimetrodon :heart_eyes: I’ve got her up to 20 so I’m just praying she gets a unique


I think maybe Carnolodon for the monolo hybrid xD Carnos sheild and counter + monolo immune defense shatter and distract could make a pretty strong dino to compete with. Plus they’re similar in color and have horns. As for Posti I cant seem to think of one to fuse yet. But postis looks should be primary specifically the colors. Maybe its time for one of owens raptors.

Btw to the op sorry for derailing but complaining about rex when it was just the daily dino is hard to do. Of course we always need more rex dna. I’m sure it will show up on a weekend sooner than later.


Just wait until Diorajasaur gets that buff and everyone’s scrambling for Raja DNA. L4 will rise again!



I wouldn’t mind Postimetrodon to be fused with a flyer to make a immune, shield breaking dino, who could be fast. I’d imagine Postimetrodon + Pteranodon, for skills it could have, Defense Shattering Strike, Defense Shattering Impact/Rampage, Impact/Rampage & Run and Nullifying Impact with Defense Shattering Counter + Swap In Ferocity.

I’m also down for a immune Raptor, maybe Postimetrodon + Utahsinoraptor? Immune, Speedy dino with armor who can’t be slowed, for skills it could have, Decelerating Strike, Defense Shattering Impact, Critical Impact, Instant Charge.

Or maybe Postimetrodon + Pachy? Immune Stunner possibly. For skills, Shielding Strike, Acute Stun, Defense Shattering Impact/Rampage, Impact/Rampage & Run. With Swap In Stun.

Just a few thoughts…


Please no. Do not soil the good name and genetic code of Carnotaurus with Monolometrodon.