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Weekend Event - 5 Shots at Indoraptor. Bad Idea


If we are allowed 5 full drones at the Legendary creatures, and assuming most go for Indoraptor, it will ruin the Battle system for new players.

Players as low as level 5 can get enough Indo DNA to create. Then they will use it. All battles will be won if Indo is chosen or lost if opponents Indominus is chosen. Any newer players or poor shots will be forever left behind, frustrated, and quit.


I think you meant Indominus Rex but I got the point.



Anyway if all the lower level players go for i-rex and get it, then they all have the same opportunity to use it against each other.

Most players I see that are lvl 7-10 already have a legendary anyway. Mostly i-rex or Stegod.


i dont see many ppl getting 250 DNA TBH. he’s hard to dart


Indom is normally benched once you start to make uniques anyway… plus the low level players your talking abiut wont mind… badlands and lockdown are full of lvl 20-22 dinos… some more people having indom isnt gonna break pvp anymore then it already is do to arena droppers.

Doing some arena for my kid lately… the amount of times I faced higher level teams in lockdown then in lockwood is kinda sad.

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Indom has to be level 20 to start fusing indoraptor.

Being generous and saying someone gets 150DNA per darting session and goes Indom all 5 times gives them 750 DNa total.

That’s about 15 Indoraptor fuses …

but don’t forget you need 2000 velocitraptor DNa per fuse as well.

It’ll help, that’s for sure. But I don’t think this week is going to give anyone an indoraptor for free.


I-Rex is probably the hardest dino to dart, so, yes, you are being extremely generous with 150 per darting session… Fifty is more realistic…


I don’t even remember darting it in the previous I-rex event actually :sweat_smile:

I just averaged the 170ish most people get on T. rex and the 120ish most got on indoraptor.

Let’s call the above, absolute best case scenario.


imo even 999 shots at indom wouldn’t be a bad idea :rofl:


whats the difference if they buy a legendary incubator and unlock it from there?


If they buy an incubator, they will probably end up with Monolometrodon…


thats how i got mine. i know with the pool of legendaries being bigger its possible to get anything but they seem to give out irex more often.

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Ok quick question 4 any1 who can answer it. Ok so what’s the difference between the rare incubators and the meet up event incubators in the store?


When you got yours, I-Rex was the only legendary in the game… :smile:

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dang you make me feel old lol. there were a few legs. ankyn, stegod, allison, giga, pyroraptor, utahsin etc…

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you will probably get more valentines featured dinos in that perfect match inc.

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Ah kk lol been wondering that 4 a while now. An has any1 had the event incubators disappear from there store?


that happens sometimes. try restarting


I have multiple times

That’s what it looks like everytime now


yeah its a bug. sorry man just wait it out.

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