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Weekend Event - 5 Shots at Indoraptor. Bad Idea

Kk ya I was guessin that’s what it is. Thx 4 ur help

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Lol I live in B.F.E. so ya it sux lol

Completely depends on level

A level 5 player would’t ever get enough DNA to create unless VIP + uses those fantastic bots (or whatever they are) that cheaters use and are able to aim perfect hits 100%.

However, a level 12 player that never stood a chance at creating I-rex and faces them every single day will be happy to have a shot to even out the field for once. I only see benefits to this type of events.

They are the only way most players can catch up with cheaters…

If you don’t have a dino, you hope for events, when you finally manage to fuse it, you don’t want it to be easy obtainable for everyone. Won’t change when you go for uniques, I was very happy to fuse Indoraptor, but I hate facing them in arena :smiley:

But it’s true, that I-Rex is super strong in lower arenas, since not many people have counters at a decent level.

“Most people” make me feel that I’ve got worse aim than a Death Star Stormtrooper, then, if that was the average. Jeez…

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