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Weekend Event Dinosaurs? I don’t think they exist

Well, this weekend looks to be a bust. There are NO event dinosaurs to be found… like anywhere. I’m sure this has to be a glitch. I saw only one (Indorex gen 2) and it was a long walk from where I’m currently living (like a half mile), and that’s it. Nothing to be found other than that within any sort of walking distance if not miles. I live in a major metropolitan area - a fairly large city. Nodda, nope, nothing. This new map system seems to be glitchy. Never seen it this bad before.

So… WED’s… I don’t think they exist!

Or they went extinct… or something

Or maybe…they’ve gotten smarter and are purposely hiding and plotting for the right moment to strike

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:rofl:. I’d better be careful then :rofl:

they are definitely there, as i’ve gotten 3/6 indominus rex gen 2s

Nice. Nothing here at all. I usually have several within walking distance. Now nothing :sob:

The event drops are very spread out but I got all my Allosaurus Gen 2’s. I didn’t quite get enough to get it to 16 but it is still playable on my teams at 15.

Of course now that I want to try it out in PvP, I’m not getting it picked.

Yeah ive seen more today then i did when it was just the rare dinos… makes me wonder if they have plans for kleken…so i darted it mostly

My Kelenken “Kenny” is 17 with enough to take it to 20… just not at this time but this is my team for today, win or lose.

I saw plenty of rares yesterday. Unfortunately mostly Suchotators :confused:

How do ya’ll find these dinos and all that DNA?! Looks like where I live (both places actually), could use some map modifications lol

I think there are problems where I live :frowning:

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I’m just back from riding 5.5 miles in 41° weather. I just had to get all 6 tries today so I didn’t have to go out in the cold tomorrow again.

Nice. I have a fairly long commute tomorrow, so hoping that I can get my epics in and the indoraptor while I ride the bus. We shall see.