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Weekend league, opponents not appropriate to lowest leagues


Hi Ludia,

I would like to just ask what has changed in the weekend’s league in finding of opponets, because they seem to be not appropriate for the lowest leagues as it used to be. Therefore it is needed to use the best dinos right from the begining even to pass through hatching league…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I noticed the same thing in the top bracket, on the older tournament style I could start with low common dinosaurs and slowly work up through my dinosaurs and not touch my better creatures until about the time I entered dominator status. However this tournament I had to start about half way through my creature list to even win my first battle. I was thinking this had to do with the fact that I am only being pared with the highest experience leveled “players” instead of anyone that is on the game.


I noticed the same thing myself. Though I was unlucky to use a team of rare dinos, to be put against a team of special event and VIP dinos. “sobbs”
Having said that, given that the tournament is different depending on that level, it could be a way to balance players who may have a team of really good dinos. But at same time, it could be a big roadblock to anyone who has just hit the level required to enter the top tournament.


It seems to be the new normal to have seriously tough opponents in any PvE environment (as @Sionsith alluded above, in the tournaments and most PvP we don’t actually fight live opponents, but bots). An earlier thread indicated a similar change after the last update. Check out who I have to try to beat for the Boosted Battle Event this weekend! Yes, boosters help, but that’s serious stuff, especially when my dinos can take a full day to cool down for battle.

My opponents in this tournament started out tough and got tougher. I’m sometimes facing dinos with attacks around 1000-1400 and health in the 3000-3500 range. Um, no, especially when the dinos I need to stand a chance against these guys have 12-to-16-hour cooldowns. I’ll stick to “PvP.” I don’t want a Yutyrannus nearly that bad.

Good luck to all!


Well, they have this now. Maybe they are doing brackets?


@Potato, you are right, of course. The way JWTG runs its brackets has always seemed odd to me, but I may not think like they do. In other freemium games I play, when there is a PvP tournament, the difficulty of your enemies corresponds with whatever creatures (dinosaurs) you put in the match, much like regular, non-tourney PvP works for JWTG. The difference is that the higher the creatures/dinos, the higher the reward is. JWTG already does this to a smaller degree (e.g., some matches a win is 30 trophy points, others it’s 20), but it seems like implementing such a system on a full scale would have people playing a tournament more.

For example, I will only play maybe three or four matches in a tournament, because then my dinos can’t keep up with what they match me with, and then I have to wait ten-to-twelve hours for battle cool-down. If I could keep running through the dozens of creatures I have (292, to be precise, according to my glossary), I’d play a lot more battles (and spend a lot more 5-dinobuck entry fees). Sure, my lesser dinos would win less points, but I’d play more.

I guess Ludia knows it will make more money by people paying for battle cooldowns than these extra 5-dinobuck entries. No doubt they’ve thought it through. Perhaps that’s why they don’t show advertisements for an extra spin on tourney play. They could justify making more money by the funds they get from advertisers for those videos we watch for the second spin, but they don’t do so for tourneys.

Just me musing about how I wish I could play more in tourneys, but as I’ve said elsewhere, PvP is plenty fund and provides lots of opportunities for good prizes, even if they are random.

Again, good luck to all with the tourney!


I wanted to yutyrannus but this league is very complicated and with the hours that are left I will not be able to reach dominators in time the combats are very difficult even with my best dinosaurs


Unlocking dinosaurs via tournaments is a task for folks who pay to play (they can pay to cool down their dinosaurs and put them back in battle), folks with mad skills, folks who dedicate a lot of time to the game (they probably have numerous high-level dinosaurs), or some combination of the above.

I’ve found the best way to get high-level dinos is to earn the JW loyalty points, usually through PvP or card packs (PvE victories, raptor pack training, or the 6-hour mystery packs). I can get to 10,000 points maybe twice a week if I’m lucky. If you have enough dino bucks, you can also buy the really nice VIP dinos each Monday from that prize drop thing (the one where you can buy bronze, silver, or gold tickets up to ten times a day; I buy the ten bronze tickets by watching videos and turning in coins and sometimes food), and that is usually enough for me to buy a gold fidelity pack for 4000-5000 dinobucks. If you get those high level dinos this way, 1) you don’t need to place in the tourneys, and 2) your hatchery will be so backed up you don’t need to unlock dinos via the tourney. I have numerous Unique dinos unlocked from Clash of Titans but been unable to evolve them because I have Unique dinos backing up my hatchery (the ones you get for 10,000 loyalty points only take 6 hours to hatch, but the ones from the gold fidelity prize drop packs take 7 days to hatch).

Hope that’s helpful. My long, lugubrious point is that there are numerous other ways to get high level dinos besides winning tourneys. Heck, I haven’t unlocked the Yutyrannus, but I have a level 20 Yutyrannus from the methods described above, and I’ve been playing for about 6 months. Holler back if I can give more specifics to help you or another player.

And thanks to Ludia for making it possible to attain high-level dinos with dedication. The best freemium games certainly reward their paying customers, but they also make paths possible for their time-dedicated players, too, and we appreciate it!


Addition: the trade harbor is another good place to trade for dinobucks and loyalty (JW) points.


I think it was easier than the previous tournaments at the end, however just because I am just level 51. I imagine that level 61 for instance would have a haaaard time getting any points because of opponet strength, long cooldown and not enough competitive dinos. So I don’t really see the point of getting over level 60 mainly because of upcoming leagues (if the seeding doesn’t change) and the fact that there is not many dinos to unlock after level 60.

Thanks for previous replies :slight_smile:


Addition: another good place to get loyalty JW points is via Ludia’s JWTG social media accounts. They put out daily posts on Twitter and Facebook with links such that, if you click on the link on the device that has your JWTG app, the app will open and award you anywhere from 10-100 loyalty points. Do it every day, and those add up!


I also noticed it, as it is strange