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Weekend Raids too much

I will say I have never been a huge fan of raids. I personally don’t enjoy having to find a team, and rely on a group of other people to play a game. It’s why I quit Pokemon. But I admit it adds a dynamic to the game which it probably needed.
When they added the Friday raid, I was not too happy. But I breathed a bit and recognized that at least I had my weekend to enjoy with my family, do tourny’s a bit, go and hunt some dinos.
But now, every single day of the week is a raid. It is EXHAUSTING! I know some die hard’s are gonna disagree. But from majority of folks I talk to, 7 days of raids with no day off is overkill. I don’t actually care if you keep the weekends, but give us at least a couple days off from Raids.
What makes it even worse, which really ticks me off, is apparently every day of raids wasn’t enough time spent on them. You gave all the Fri-Sun bosses Counter 3rds and Counter moves, C’mon people. That is a ridiculous amount of time WASTED on sitting and watching graphics. Nobody, not even die hards, enjoy sitting and wasting time like that.
Get rid of the stupid Counter moves every turn!
Get rid of 7 days of Raids


the raid is a great addition some people of which I did not have too much time for the Monday and Thursday raids now that there is the one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so nothing for you force to do it

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Raids are optional. I don’t see the problem. I enjoy free stuff. Win the raid. Get free DNA. If you don’t want to do em. Don’t :man_shrugging:t2:


Sure, optional…if you don’t mind never playing above Lockwood Library

Everything is optional. The difference is that before you could raid monday-thursday and have a competetive team. Now you have to raid monday-sunday to be competetive and that’s putting a lot of stress on people.