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Weekend raids?

Assuming they will release new apex bosses, I guess the best way to introduce them is to fit them on weekends? That’s 3 more slots, at least we don’t have to get rid of mortem for now. Or have more than 4 bosses in a day making it even harder to have the boss you need in range.
Another suggestion would be replacing the epic (or even legendary) bosses with apex bosses, since the epic dnas are the easiest to get among the 4 rarities.
Or we can vote a creature out to be replaced each time before they add a new raid boss

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Or even better what if raids reshuffle each week

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There can’t be raids during the weekend because that is the time slot for the Tournaments!


I wouldn’t mind having raids on friday since 3 days for tournaments i find too uch

It’s a pain as is to plan raids during the week, I’m very ok with not seeing them on weekends. Maybe having one apex (and nothing else) on Fridays, but I will be cross with people who make my raid chats blow up on a Saturday morning :slight_smile: .

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