Weekend Tournament Screwed Up

I am not sure who I am most irritated at — Ludia or the players who can not follow the tournament rules. The rules clearly state not more than 2 creatures of any rariety but I found out that some players have 4 or even 6 Legendary creatures on their teams… Ludia — What are you going to do about this?

My guess is nothing at this point. It’s too late.

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Yep. Just go with it now.

This is Ludia in a nutshell and a bit like someone who lets one off in a lift and gets out on the next floor.

They do this kind of thing and close down for the whole weekend leaving us with what they leave behind

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How did you see that they have more than two legendaries? Was it through the battles?

You can see when you’re selecting – it doesn’t force you to obey the rules that were supposedly set for this tourney.

The players are not to blame whatsoever. Most people don’t even read these forums and don’t know what the rules are supposed to be. Just choose your two uniques and up to six legendaries and get your takedowns.