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Weekend tournaments fun again!

I for one am both excited and challenged by the weekend tournaments now. With the change in all the creatures, going to be fun to experiment. Feel like a new player again.


I haven’t wandered in yet, but I hear Purrolyth and Dracorex are doing awesome! Can’t wait to get in there and experiment later.

With the stress of these new Raid Bosses… this Tournament is a welcomed moment of peace😅

I was in top 10 for a while :open_mouth:
Top 30 now and I don’t want to stop :grinning:

i was having fun earlier. But i had to stop because my lunch break was over. :grin:
lots of fun. i also like the Hasst Eagle g2. fun to use.

One thing I’m confused about is that FF has a 2 turn CD.

Is this bug or the intention?

it’s intentional.


Am loving the tournament… only negative for me is the turtles have kept dig in! I know they can be countered but It just gets so boring and long winded sometimes… other than that :+1:

I can’t parcipitate cus I’m locked out.

The tournaments that are with the creatures leveled and without increases, demonstrate that the real problem of this game is increases, otherwise there would be increases the game would be more balanced and even.