Weekends strike events .. maybe

Saw these pictures pop up just now


I was expecting monometrodon. But these don’t look too bad either.

Can’t wait to get my hands on that Koola DNA!

Gonna be hard with a nerfed ss

Correct me if I’m wrong but ss still remove distraction right?

At first sight, those strike events seems easier than last week. At first sight though … need to check the stat of koola and diplo

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Yeah true that though those creatures also have access to slow

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Bleh…level 30 amphibians, huh?

I almost won last week’s event and halfway considered shelling out the 200 bucks for a retry. Not even gonna contemplate that this week…not with the SS change. :confused:

Best of luck, regardless!

One easy way is to bleed them out. A team of suchotator and spinotsuchus would do the job. I don’t have the second so I will go with some speedy dinos like pyrritator and spinotharaptor😁

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Post us your team, we could work on a possible plan to complete the strike :blush:

Initial calculations have the epic at 5470hp with 1215 damage
the rare at 4740hp with 1375 damage.
Expect the rare to sia with distraction. Both speed at 125 this event seems pretty predictable.
Initial thoughts are Immune Dino’s or bleeders.
Bleeds don’t get affected by distraction.
I think these are the important numbers we need to get planning.
Be cautious using bleed on the epic as it my swap out before taking the full bleed. Might pay to start with something else?

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Hmm…it seem Monolometrodon will be great in this event.
With that buffed 126 spd (faster than all these overleveled opponents) and district ability

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Yeah, can I borrow that one please?
It does seem like the perfect counter

Yeah not the optimal plan to start with a bleeder except if you start with instant cripples then he switch then bleed. I will start with something like stegodeus to clean distraction and do some damage. Use some high speed dinos to finish the first opponent. Would need some preparation.

Bump this topic. Someone started a new one with less info in it.

Bump topic for tomorrow’s strike tower