Weekly allianz reward

could not pick up my reward, instead the new tasks were displayed directly to me. we had 8 out of 10 and 9 Out of 10. like last week I didn’t get any stygi DNA again.


Happened to everyone. You had 1 hour to collect, which I luckily did, and then it suddenly ended again and reset.

@Ned what be going on?

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I claimed my weekly alliance rewards at 15:50 (GMT+1), reset is normally at 16:00. Just now, after 16:00, our progress got reset and I got to claim the alliance rewards again - except this time only lvl1/2 so most people in our alliance missed out on the lvl8 and 9 incubators they were supposed to get. :confused:

I’ve heard reports of other people that they didn’t get any alliance rewards at all. It just went to the new rewards/requirements without giving them the incubators they earned the past week.

Hey DPG members, our team has been informed and they’re currently investigating!

@Ned what about the daily incubators/interactions that were used before the reset? Those are limited resources and now they got wasted. :confused:


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Bug Description: Weekly awards opened on their own, not even rewarding the dna.

Area is was found in: Weekly Rewards.

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How often does it happen: First time.

What type of device are you using: Moto z4

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It has effected my entire Alliance.


Same to all of my alliance. Seem to have been rewarded rank 1 rewards and lost the rank 10 ones from last week…

We were 10/10 and I got this. @Ned @john

In addition to that, the 2 ranks we had spent DBIs & saved incubators on now can’t be counted towards this week’s rewards. Not happy!

We were 10/10 also :frowning:

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Same here and depending on my timezone i wasn’t even able to pick up the incubators from last week, cause i had to work and just got of work 10 minutes ago.



Same here… where are my rewards!! We worked do hard and gone!! Nada… this is getting crazy ludia!

Dear Ludia,

I didn’t receive the alliance rewards of today. It only refreshed into the new weekly challenges. Why do I have to reach out to support again to fix this…my last ticket was only last week…

Kind regards.

I collected the rewards at 9am EST, then at 10am it reset again. Anyone else?

Yes, everyone.

Yeah same here, we had levelled up to level 2 on both and now they have reset again, frustrating as unable to get get those interactions and DBI’s back to count so starting from scratch again will mean slower progress on these!

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I have two accounts but only claimed on one, I now don’t want to claim on the other as I will only get level 2 rewards instead of level 8 and 10 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Good job Ludia. I even wasn’t able to collect the incubators, due to my timezone. Hope they are into it and reward us the right incubators from last week

So we got 10/10 and only received rank one rewards and only defence

Third week in a row you’ve messed up well done