Weekly banned dinos

Pretty much what the title says, on a weekly rotation ban some dinos for pvp.
Would anyone else be keen on this?
I’m finding the pvp is getting a bit stale because I’m fighting the same team (looking at you Thor, Magna, Monolomet) over and over again.

P.S. If your reading Ludia, this will make people spend more cheddah. They’d have to have more dinos boosted just in case their goodest boi got banned for a week!


Yup,i have consider the same thing last week after playing pvp and tourneys.

You should have the possibility to select max 3 dinos:Once selected,you will never face an opponent with these dinos.
Of course 1 condition:You have to not use this dino aswell.
Example:Mortem rex,tryko,magna:
Your team need to have none of those 3.

And for the tourney aswell.
For example :this week?
Wooly rhino,titanoboa,diplodocus.
Your roaster have to include none of them indeed.


You’ve gone one step further and asked for the power to ban the dinos yourself.
I’d love that, but I’d never face a Thor again :smile:
Probably best to let them do the banning for everyone :ok_hand:

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Basically ,the idea came from League of legend,when you play 5 vs 5.Because they know the balance is sometimes wrong,the players can correct this problem by removing an Overpower creature or something too common to be face.
It bring you to face new opponents and new strategy.

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Does your sponsor is League of legends? :rofl:

not really but to be in this game since the beginning.
The game can be stall and repetitive.
At my trophy lvl,i always see the 4-6 sames dino.
Banning a creature can bring a new breath to this game allowing you to face new opponents,new strategy and most of all,to dig some overpower creatures which oftenly destroy the game.


That cool idea to ban some meta Dinosaur

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I would ban Thor, Thor, and… you guessed it, Thor


This is not a good idea. At start there would be some positive effects, but on long run matchmaking would be worse and more players would quit.

Lower and mid arenas would become stall, worse than Library and Aviary currently. Many players can only focus on few creatures to lvl up, so they chose best options. If you ban those, they can’t progress, they can’t win incubator, so they just quit after some time.

Banning creatures, cause somebody don’t want to see constantly same creatures in arena in nonsense. We need more balanced creatures and less specialized. Arena and tournaments after 2.0 update are 70% of time decided by what you draw.


I still would like the idea of dinos having a cool down cycle, so you choose 12 dinos, 4 r selected for the match & you play , but next match non of those4 r available, & 4 different dinos r chosen but on the 3rd match dinos from the 1st match become available once more & so on , the cool down period could be 1 or 2 matches depending on a number of factors, it’s level or rarity or type , fierce might have 2 turn cool down, resilience types 1 for example, having a larger team of 12 instead of 8 also allows more variety,

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I think it should be that 4 op dinos are banned from being used at all each week cuz that would be much more achieavle than having every player choose some to be banned

Arena and tourney have and will always be decided by what you draw.
If a player don’t want to face a dino because it is overpower for his level,it is HIS RIGHT.
I find normal the same player you say which focus only on few creature FIGHT THOSE SAMES creatures. (which are overpower for their level,we all know who you are talking about,but i won’t start a nerf debate which will end on obvious salty people saying “Learn to adapt”).

This system would allow those people who want to change in a non meta gameplay .
Example,i want to play freely in low aviary:
I ban:Indoraptor,Thor,sarcorixis.
My team use no one of them.
It is their choice and it is normal TO NOT BE FORCE to use one dino because he is meta relevant or overpower.
If i had this choice in 1.12,i would really be happy to not be force to lvl 30 proceratomimus as for 2.0 with ardentis .(I have always dislike their moves,their set and their design)
Today,i have those both lvl 30 which have wasted my time and it will continu because this is part of ludia’s business.
But no,the actual system tell you what to level up because either you are part of the meta,either you loose.
With this system,you won’t be forced to lvl up a creature you dislike just because it is overpower and easily obtainable.

To make the premier football league here in the UK fairer I think they should tell Liverpool that they can’t play next week.

If Tottenham Hotspur keep winning then they should be banned from playing every other week too.

When the World Cup is played the best four teams should not be allowed to enter, on the grounds that they are better than the other teams so that would make it fairer on the less able teams.

I’m guessing you can see where I’m going with this…


yes,and it is ridiculous since you can’t comparate a balance on JWA and football.

Why not @shining?

Teams with more money buy the best players, win the most matches and people complain that it’s because they spent more.

Players who spend the most money buy the incubators, the boosts and coins to get the best team and people complain because they spent more.

Seems legit to me

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Then you have OP team against other players, cause you have 4 lvls higher team than many others. So lets say you want to use Sucho, Therium, Metro. Other players facing you will ban all 3 mentioned and you already banned Thor, Indo and Rixis. Where this ends? That you can only use lvl 10 commons and rares.

Teams can decide which player they hire,and the power of their player are not arbitrary decided by the football community.
The logic of this game want any creature be as strong as everyother one of his rarity.
It was decided after 2.0 when ludia saw the downfall of this game.
If you want to bring back the exclusives which 3-0 the arena,do it so it can finish off the game.

So yeah,if you want a dead game which will finish as “battlenation” which is the prime example,it can be “legit” for you.

you forgot thor


There is over 220 dino,45 legendaries,over 25 uniques and 3 apex,how do you will face only rares and commons?
I think you just lack imagination if you are scare to ban 3 dino out of 220…

Then why would I ever lvl anything because you or someone who thinks said creature is to op would just ban it! Next thing I know I can’t use my creature do to everyone banning. Then I would never be able to use the creature! Why would anyone want that?

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