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Weekly Boost Reset

One problem with boosts is that once you use them, they’re stuck on that dino forever. Teams will progress and their 8 dinos will get stronger and stronger. But what if you want to try a new dino? Or what if you made a mistake and suddenly don’t want a dino on your team, but are stuck with it now because you sunk a ton of boosts into it? Or what if you just want to have fun and try out different dinos with boosts to see if they’re worth it? Well, here’s a solution. Allow us to reset our boosts every week. You keep every boost but can apply them wherever you want. Want a more balanced team? Make it happen with the reset. Want a Lord or two on your team but don’t want to regret it after a couple weeks when the rest of your team are still babies? It’s not a problem if you can reset at the end of the week. It gets stale when it’s just the same ol’ same ol’ every day/week/month. People know that this person has a t7 whatever and a DC with this much damage, and it gets stale to know what’s coming. Let us mix it up and keep our opponents guessing. Maybe I want to have a Lord Posti for a week. I haven’t used that dino since before it got nerfed. It would be fun but it’s out of the question in the game’s current state. Think about it, Ludia. We would all appreciate this and it would bring new freshness to the game weekly without you even needing to do updates. It will keep the game alive a lot longer than the way things are currently going.



This is the purpose.



Doubt that they would allow reset. After certain amount of time you won’t need any more new boosts, so no money for them.

Without resets there will be no meta change. Who is gonna risk working on something else while taking from your team of 8? And what happens when new creatures are introduced. Will they ever make your team? Probably not. This will still net profit and allow for a meta transition


I’ll even pay for a reset token.
Every week too short? I’d settle for once a month.
I’m easy.


They tried it the greedy way and it failed badly. They need to do more things that are fun for the players without solely worrying about extra profits. I know they lost a lot of money recently with all the cancelled VIPs and refunds going on. Without this feature, my only choice is to continue boosting my main 8 until I’m bored, and then quit. It will take way too long to chip away at a new dino just to barely get it to tier 6 while other teams would be reaching t8 or 9 by then.


Let’s do this Ludia! :blush:


I agree Ludia won’t make a reset.

But if it ever happened I want it at 1.8, 1.9 etc just once when they release each major patch with its new creature balance.

Agree on that.

Have a feeling they are preparing something. Just hope they will fix broken things and won’t break more things.


It would be even better if I could select the dino I want to down boost.
Say I have an Erlikospyx I finally got to team level and want to replace my Indoraptor.
Click on Indo, select the category, and have a downgrade button below the upgrade button.
Charge me 10 cash a down grade and put the boost back in the bank.
This way I could do it on the fly and not have to create the massive headache of reallocating hundreds of boosts.


100% needs to happen. I am not bothering with levelling dinos because it doesn’t really make any difference, I am also not creating new dinos as they are way under powered as I have used all the boosts.
The only way to change things is to have a reset every week, you can still get progressive boosts day to day and weekly events, so things swing even more week by week.


So down for this. But they need to first fix match making like it was back in 1.6. It was just fine.


Nice thought, but never going to happen. How did screaming for the ability to get DNA back from major nerfs go? I read user suggestions on the forum of HC to do so and only for a percentage back. Never happened… Hunt or purchase DNA to replace it.

I think Boosts will go back on sale as originally intended and users can purchase daily to use on any Dino they wish. It is a really nice cash cow to replace the lost VIP revenue. I would bet the only hold-up is correcting the unlimited purchase glitches. Once they have that code corrected, they are good to go.

The damage is already done, there is not much that can bring back any kind of balance to the Arena. Boosts are clearly here to stay by the strike towers and daily incubators still giving them to users. For every user on here screaming to take them away there are several who will happily purchase all that they can from the store. And I would think many of those on here screaming will be in line at the store to purchase two of them… every… single… day, and three on Sunday.

I stayed out of the boost war and have no intention of getting in anyone’s way. Knock me down a few more Arena but there is no way I am going to spend 1,000 HC every day, 1,500 on Sunday. But there are plenty who will, Ludia will be banking on it.


Well thank you for your story on the boosts and wether we want them to go away or not. But thats not what the OP’s suggestion is about.

I like this suggestion a lot. Would be a lot of fun to be able to shuffle boosts between different dino’s on a weekly/monthly base. Or correct any errors made with applying boosts.

The only downside here is that you could stop buying boosts after you reach tier 10 on all three boost categories for 8 dino’s. Thats still a ton of boosts, but once you reach that level AND have the ability to reset boosts there’s no reason to buy any more boosts. From a Ludia perspective, I think thats a no go.

I know Ludia will see it that way. It’s an unwise choice on their part though if that’s all they see. I will not even be playing long enough to hit tier 10 on anything if they don’t implement something like this. I will be bored long before i will bother to save up hundreds of boosts to make tier 10 a reality for my team. Tier 10 is a long way away too though. They still have plenty of time before people start doing that. Also, i think they should keep boosts out of the store and only let us earn them from playing the game. That will solve the greed issues. Implementing this feature in the game will give it more longevity instead of just trying to pick our wallets with boost sales.



  1. You want to accumulate ALL your boosts. Everything you spread put AND THEN ask to have them back?

  2. And when you get them you boost the THOR or any other dino to keep slaying others teams?


What will happend?

Thet will introduce better and better dinos, where your boosted ones getting worse. So you need to spend more!



I agree. Keep boosts away from the store. Let people earn them.


Let everyone buying the limited-edition of boosts (20+20+3)

Those who already bought can’t buy any more. Only what’s left.

Give this offer for everyone in the future who reach level 10. ALWAYS.

Then it’s equal.

Then don’t sell boosts.

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A feature like this would make every week different in JWA. Of course there will be people who don’t reset theirs and just keep going forward with their current team. But there would also be people like me doing silly stuff like boosting 8 commons for the week just to mess around, knowing that it’s not a waste because I’ll be able to reset the next week. It would bring a lot of variety to the arena because we’ll all be trying different dinos instead of using the same ol’ stuff every day/week/month. It would definitely bring some much needed fun back to the arena.


yeah but the same person can constantly abuse the same dinos…

“different dinos everyweek” :joy::joy: to go with all the headaches already

this means there is no strategy then to reach.