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Weekly calendar

Can somebody tell me what’s the right one?
Is there a legendary on Sunday?

The rare event will stop in 1d and 2h, so that’s 1 day shorter as usual…Next two days epic?
And the last day legendary?

No-one can tell you because no-one knows. Maybe @E.D can help or @Ned can find out for us.

With the ingame time being a day short hopefully that’s an indication the Legendary will be dartable.

I think there’s a Hasweg cuz on the news category with the message button it shows it. Who voted for the worst one to vote for. It

Looking at the calendar, Sunday should be for Darwezopteryx. :thinking:

You mean the calendar ingame, the one that also shows Baryonyx instead of Pachy as the epic.

So on this forum and twitter you have one version with no Legendary and with epic Pachy, then ingame you have the calendar showing Baryonyx and Darwez.

It’s things like this that cause confusion and frustration, because if Ludia don’t know what is going on then how are the players supposed to know what is going on?

JWA Forum and Twitter

Ingame news


Let me ask our team, @GPx. :slight_smile:


Does anyone remember the choices for the Legendary???


This one is on their facebook since the 6th.


So it looks like the ingame calendar and the Facebook one are correct and the forum and Twitter one’s are wrong.

Not even sure how that happens!


Hey everyone, the calendar on our Twitter page should have been updated:

Trash. Bring pachy back for baryonyx. Or bring all 3 come one now. Lol bary and pyro…



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so we miss turtle and scuto for bary and pyroraptor?
I am so glad :slight_smile:
Is it really the community choice?

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@Ned, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

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Not my choice either :wink:, but at least it’s a legendary. My son will be happy, that’s at least one, lol! :innocent:

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So it IS Pachy and NOT Baryonyx?

Seriously WHICH calendar are we supposed to follow because none of them have been remotely accurate.

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I’m so laughing out loud now :rofl:
Just another “normal” week in Ludia’s world

The updated one lol. Seems like it is Baryonyx.

I’m not complaining. One fuse away from Tryosomethingortheother :rofl:

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Tell that to the game as i’m looking at lots of Pyros and Pachy’s right now.

Coming home from work and it was a sea of Barys. I managed to pick up all 6 attempts on lucky Pyros hidden inbetween them and still atrociously angry over being shorted a day for the rares as I was only 11/18 done with Arctops.