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Weekly Chase

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone knew if the graphic for the weekly chase was wrong. It says it’s supposed to be titanboa but I’m seeing a lotttt of diloph g2. I thought usually the commons spawn before the epic in the chase saw thought the graphic was wrong, but wanted to confirm.

it may not be wrong. epics are hard to find in the first place.
and the daily dinos have been kinda messed up for a bit. they’ve been spawning some days after their scheduled day.

Dilopho g2 from scents? Because for some reason Dilopho G2 tends to roam the areas even without it being Sunday, though never got them out of scents.

Well I was out for an hour and a half and didn’t see one. I just saw spawn after spawn of diloph g2. I know the daily spawns roam, especially the Sunday ones in my experience, but the amount of diloph g2 was nuts. I’ll keep looking but it seemed off, and I know Ludia is iffy at best.

I know of one person who has seen and darted the epic snek

I know, it hurts :sob:

The snake is definitely out… Giga scents help a lot

now if only she wasn’t as much of a wiggly noodle to dart.


She is very very hard to dart

6,000! I have like 1,300 and dilophaboa only 16.

When the snake first came out I used all my sanctuary items on it forever to get the Spinoconstrictor before the next update. I achieved that goal. I actually got it to level 22 as that’s my goal for all the Cenozoic uniques. Then right afterwards it became the season reward then the daily mission reward and maybe something else. I was so over the stupid snake. So now I have all this extra dna for I guess a future hybrid if it makes another.

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that was a lot of sanctuarying then

Yes it always is. I hate it. I waste so many items on the boa, deer, turtle, rhino, all those new Cenozoic creatures exclusives especially so that I could make the hybrids and get the hybrids ready for super hybrids and then level super hybrids to 22. Now I’m working on Arctops and a little Scuto.

It sucks because I do it use these creatures nor have a desire to. I just want to keep my collection complete. Sometimes I use them in tournaments but not my arena team.

I got the arctops and I see scutosaurus so I’m ready for its legendary hybrid in one side.