Weekly Dinos


The new way Ludia broke up the week by making it 3 dinos for 3 days is absolutely terrible. I thought it was a great idea at first until I realized it’s just another way to hide the halfway decent dinos by making sure they don’t spawn hardly anywhere so we’re left with the useless dinos. Earlier this week I was hoping to get as many Apatosauruses as possible. Every day I checked the 12 local park supply drops at least twice and I was lucky to get 1. Same the last 2 days, all I can find is the Argentinosaurus. This is a really cool game but I’m afraid Ludia will systematically ruin it from here on out. Not to mention how easy it is to accidentally spend hard cash. How have none of these games implemented a confirmation when hard cash is being spent?? Oh right, because all they care about is tricking us out of real money so we have to spend more.


Well, it’s no prob in bigger cities … we got around 100-200 Event Drops here, so you could easily get the Event done with what you like in 1 of 3 days.


Lucky! I have 12 and that includes inaccessible ones on the coast where there’s no cell coverage. Lol


Depending on your location, you can be at an advantage or disadvantage. Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat as you with the event dinos. I was really looking forward to scoring lots of apato dna to help boost my nodopatosaurus, since the only “rare” commons in my area happen to be that. Park or no park… where art tho apato?

Biked to nearly 8+ parks consecutively for the first two days. Not one single apato… I was nearly convinced that the event had ZERO apatosaurus. Then I managed to find one at a random park on a drive with someone. Missed out on a good potential 6,000 apato pts.

Fortunately on the advantage side of location, I don’t have to invest too much time finding the amargasaurus / nodosaurus since they seem to be spawning everywhere in my area. You win some you loose some. Honestly, prefer the event dinos where you are guaranteed the dino dna on the spot.

Why can’t we have an event supply drop with all the given dinos, and you get to pick and choose which dinosaur you want your drone to chase… more or less? Saves a lot of people’s times, and is quite considerate to those that are less fortunate and have to drive whiles away for a SD. Just an idea lol.

My search for that holy apatosaurus :sauropod:


Yes!! I was thinking that too, having a drop where you can select the Dino you need. Damned Apato… only place I found it was a few supply drops on a highway with no place to stop that Ludia seems to think is a park. :roll_eyes:


Commons got 15 min spawn timer, so they should change very fast. You could just relax an hour in your local park. :wink:


Yes, I’ve done “re-checks” but it really seems like the decent dinos rarely, if ever, spawn. They’re few and far between.


Haha true, but even waiting you are still gambling what dinosaur could possibly pop up. Knowing my luck, I figured it would be best to maximize my chances by going to multiple parks. When I’m in that hunting zone, I like to always be on the move. Don’t know what I could potentially miss lol :grin:


I got about 20 event point around 3km…
But seems the distribution of dinos is not very well.

Just forgot to take a pic, but I went to a park with 5 event points, but all of them spawned Ankylo gen 2 on Wednesday.


If they had combined formats (i.e. one dino per day but rollover dart attempts per rarity) the events would be much stronger. It’s a gamble as is, and a “dino of the day” is only theoretical.