Weekly Dinosaur


Why does it say 6 of 6 for Pyroraptor and 6 of 6 for T-Rex, especially when the T-Rex just started an hour ago EST. And I got 3 shots for the Pyroraptor??

The same thing happened to me when you were running the Blue Raptor in parks, causing me one less opportunity to collect Blue… now I dont have him.


The event is for 2 days man… rex started yesterday with raptor look here [News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events Rework


Blue is a she. And at lower levels it’s gonna be harder to catch dinosaurs in particular, for example when I was lower level I got ~25 per rare encountered, but now at a higher level I get ~50 per rare Dino, when the common events come around, you are supposed to get them and level up and get better.


Not really sure how the sex of a make believe dinosaur is relevant, but I digress. I am at level 10. I really have no interest in spending money, that’s just sad. The point of the post was to point out the games inconsistencies and how I lost a dinosaur because the game locked up and did not give me credit for the DNA I collected. Thus causing me too lose out on a fictional virtual dino.