Weekly event and other issues


Plain and simple… it is ridiculous to put out 4 dinos/48 attempts for just 2 days and random spawns in a few special supply drops lol

The option to go to an event supply drop and being able to choose which of the daily dinos you wanna dart makes complete sense and seems very fair…

People have a regular life, we cant play the game 24/7, and the way you set up your events is just unfair to a lot of players.
Im not even talking about just myself, im speaking out for everyone, some people live far from the city, others simply dont have the whole day to catch virtual dinos (we work and have a life :joy:)

It’s the same issue that you have with your pricing lol if you do things in a way that most players have access to it, a lot more players will be happy and in return youll end up having a bigger audience, and more people spending…

Just my two cents that I have left, since your overpriced coins/offers leave us empty handed :joy::joy:

I still love the game and will keep playing and supporting!

As loyal players, we just expect the game to constantly be improved, as it has been, but there is a LONG way to go.