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Weekly event changes... Really, Ludia? 🤦‍♂️


So… they announce a good easter week with tenontorex and many epic strike towers, and then minutes after that week starts, they announce a change taking OUT tenontorex and one of the epic strike towers LOL

Why say youre gonna give something cool and then take it away because of “miscalculations” or to “keep the matchmaking balanced”? As if that will help that much lol

I honestly do not understand your work methods, Ludia.

Anyways, happy easter week to everyone :slight_smile:

Did they take away the chance to dart the UNIQUE ?!?!
Last minute change to schedule

Do they really believe that it would help prevent unbalancing of battles? When it’s already so unbalanced with stupid speed ties, of course, not giving tenonto will help.

Great solution, Ludia, your unbalanced battles are gonna still be unbalanced, but you’ve got even more angry players. Genial!


Lol. What a load.

One try at tenonto wouldn’t unbalance anything.


When my opponents all have lv 27+ Tenontorex, I don’t think 1 attempt could make battle unbalanced…:roll_eyes:


Hey but 5 unique attempts definitely does not unbalance the arena.


I think you, Ludia, need to think carefully before you post anything in future.

Raising people’s expectations and then crushing them is just… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One hand gives… but the other hand takes…


What if I dont care about, or even participate at all in Arena battles?

So the very worst part of this game, (PvP), is now affecting PvE progress, thats just great… :neutral_face:

Should just remove all PvE and make it a battle only game. At least then I can go back to console gaming and be done with these mobile gps snorefests.


Ludia have no idea what they are doing, there is no planning involved, they throw stuff out to get people interested then take stuff away. There’s no planning, forethought or management in Ludia whatsoever.


What’s all this hogwash about? I don’t even like that one really but I still want it. Please fix this guys.



I really wish I could be this bad at my job.


This is a very stu… decision they made.

They already limit the darting to 1 time only for the unique, which is very different from the St patrick’s 5 times. I think it’s already enough to ensure that not everyone will get the unique.

Promising something and then taking it back is just really bad decision, especially this one is not really a bad move comparing to the St patricks.

They really have super bad decision making.


You can :grinning: just live the ludia way

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How does it prevent unbalance anyway when everyone has the exact same chance to dart it?

If swear words were allowed on here, Ludia would be hearing EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them right now. This game is not worth it anymore. Such disrespect for their fan base.

With so many players speaking out recently about how this game isnt fun anymore, how is this the right time to pull something like this?

I see in our alliance that players are quitting the game lately who have been here since the start. Players in the top 250 who no longer want to play, even with the next update right around the corner. Come on Ludia. Change. It. Back. Or more of us are walking.


Time to quit the Game


I still wonder why a hadrosauriform limited theme week only got Edmontoguanodon as epic event creature…

Where are those Ourano and Maiasaura going?


I prefer competency, self-respect, and being able to feed my family :smiley:


What a LOVELY Happy Easter gift from Ludia. Very sad and disappointed!


Seriously! These guys suddenly realized the mistake they made and make changes. Only God can save Ludia. Bunch of fools are running the management. :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: Plus they removed an epic strike tower too! I guess it would unbalance the arena too.


Tenonto is my next closest to create Unique and I was really excited about this week. I spent some valuable coins to get my Tenotosaurus to lvl 19 in anticipation of the week. But hey, why have nice things.
Then again, to play a little Ludia’s advocate here, I remember reading so much hate for Saint Patricks event because now low arena players will have Uniques and that will mess everything up. As if the same opportunity was not present to everyone.