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Weekly Event, concerning Tenonto


Has anyone else been unable to find Tenontosaurus under a Green Drop?
I’ve driven thru 2 L3, 2 L2, an L4, and 3 L1. Not a single Tenonto.
I’m trying to convince myself it’s just bad RNG, like usual… but can’t hold back the paranoid part of myself that believes Ludia is trying to halt progression by needing any useful spawn.
I’m parked, posting this… hoping that when I start driving again I’ll see some Tenonto :neutral_face:


Have 4 in my sights and im at work… roll on 7 oclock!


I havent gone out yet but i did notice the 4 green supply drops I can see from my house turned into 1.


Yea, nearly all the ones in my neighborhood became Strikes or normal Drops :thinking:


Found one. Only took half a tank of gas :expressionless:


Found a couple …

But I agree, There seems to be a lot of variability in how event dinos are dispersed tho.


I just found my third since the original post lol. This game boggles the mind sometimes.


Hahah same here man!
I’ve just learned to accept it rather than understand it :joy: (for now anyway)


I just hit 4 drops today and I saw two. :grin:


I was just thinking… maybe weekly dinos keep there spawn rates just on a smaller spawn table and this is why there are empty event drops at times. Rather then having a straight 25% split between 4.


Once you max your attempts they will be everywhere.


You’re probably right :joy:


It’s past midnight, I have gone around my home within a 10 km radius. Got 14 Tenontosaurus so far. Seems ok to me.:smile:


I still think they should have all dinos available at a single event drop and you choose which one to dart… but thats just me :man_shrugging:


This was the case for me with basically every event: the dino I’m after is just nowhere. Probably not the best method, but I’ve just decided to care less. :confused:


Yea, I’ve started to find mine… miles from home lmao


I find some.


It was all for a reason. Ludia lead me astray so I could find my way to this beautiful golden bird :heart_eyes::star_struck:


I’ve found 4 after 3 hours walking. I found double of any of the others. It’s the typical mix of bad RNG and Ludia reducing chances for useful dinos to spawn.


Same here!