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Weekly Event Dinos: 31Dec - 6Jan Rumor *Pterosauria*

Saw this post on Facebook (credits to Alexy Malyshev) about next week’s Event Dinos!!

Hope this is not true!! :sob:


I could use a week off of park events.


I really hope this isn’t true either…

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As per Metahub datamine, I remember it was supposed to be Fallen Kingdom theme:

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Commons: [Gallimimus]+ [Triceratops Gen 2] + [Stegosaurus]
Rares: [Carnotaurus] + [Baryonyx Gen 2]
Epics: [Blue] + [Brachiosaurus]+ [Tyrannosaurus Rex] + [Stygimoloch]
Unique: [Indoraptor]


been wanting to try out my new bird hunting rifle :joy:


@torque Actually, it might be next week, but it was more speculated to be the week after next, so the week of the 7th-13th. I think Ludia might just give us an off-week because the tournament ends, and presents end, and Christmas events end. A lot of stuff will end. No actual clue on what will happen, but hope we get another exciting week.

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Hope it isnt true either.
Last thing I need in Sorna is a level 20 Alanqa!


Coming week is supposed to be New Year week. Was hoping that we get an exciting start for the year!!
With the current meta, I would not even bother darting any of these!

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I might dart ptera ot darwin… but alanqa? Im good on alanqa dna…

I really want the Epic pterosaurs but I won’t say no to the others. It isn’t going to be like the actual pterosaur release weeks where they were absolutely everywhere.


Of course. Right when I created alankylosaurus.

I hope this is true, I would really like a chance to level up my Darwinopterus since JWA has royally shafted me where parks are concerned. Apparently an actual park (with park in the name no less) and a nature reserve don’t count according to JWA. Plus I could always use more Dimo and Tupa.


I have a nature reserve which doesn’t get recognised as a park either. I think this could be to do with Google though.

Been on holiday and haven’t been able to dart many event dinos missed the Ourano event :confused:. Would not mind this and a big week after.

May I borrow that rifle…


I’m tired of pterosaur week/weeks…
Don’t even need darwinopterus. I got 2218 dna for it.

:roll_eyes::man_shrugging: seems like he was right after all

If they make an alanky/Darwin super hybrid, then you don’t have near enough. Bleeding and invincibile unique would make an interesting addition.