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15 attempts… or 6 :thinking:


yeah, can skip monday and tuesday. nodosaurus only. then split ankylosaurus and sinoceratops. might actually unlock trykosaurus after this weekened.


Nice man I’m not even close to trykosaurus. Not far off utarinex though, will probably get all 15 sino myself.


anky or sino?? thats the question gonna have to do a split of some amount between the 2 of them…happy to see them both😁


Is this actually 15 attempts or is it how they said 9 attempts last week :roll_eyes:


For me, i try for Anky and Sino DNA


I think they were going to add a 3rd epic but then canceled doing the 3rd one!?!?


I’ll be darting the Anky, Nodopato, and Sino. So get ready, anky, nodopato and sino, for me to collect your DNA! :open_mouth::open_mouth:


I feel pretty confident that there are 15 attempts this week for Epics…but what a stellar lineup we have this coming weekend!

I might have to play it strategic with the Epics…I’m thinking either of these approaches:
-all attempts on Sinoceratops
-5 attempts total between Nodopato and Amargacephalus, with remaining to unlock Sinoceratops and level Ankylosaurus

The latter approach would allow me to unlock at least 3 creatures by Sunday night…but we’ll see. Hopefully the weather cooperates!


im pretty certain its 15 attempts on epics, crazy thing is after weeks of only seeing 3 or 4 ankys and sinos ive seen 3 ankys today and 3 or 4 sino the past 2 days…


The attempts for each class decided by rarity constant attempt * dino amount.
12 for each common. 6 for each rare, and 3 for each epic.

So in this case, they got 5 epics in list, so… must be 15 attempts and definitely all for Sinocera & Ankylo.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Common - Euoplocephalus; rarely seen here since the update so my DNA has been drained by fusing; not going to go out of my way though to collect.

Rare - Nodosaurus - fairly common here but who doesn’t want a bit more Nodo DNA? 12 should be more than enough for another Stegodeus level up.

Epic - Ankylosaurus L14 233/250; one attempt should be enough for a level up and a hybrid fuse; only enough Kentrosaurus for one attempt as I accidently levelled it up to 16 :rage: Rajasaurus L14 188/250 may get levelled up in time so is another candidate. However Sinoceratops L13 194/200 and plenty of Utahraptor and Allosaurus DNA for the hybrids so it looks like that will be my focus.

Quiet week on the hunting front - which is good after last week! Interesting selection of dinos - nice to see Ludia keeping it interesting.


I would recomment not going for nodo. Nodo is the material for stegodeus sure but it is a common rare hybrid. Much easier to find than ankyl or sino


But…Ankylocodon is nothing better.

You could use those Nodo DNA to create Stegodeus, which is much better than Ankylocodon as a tank.
That’s why I’ll stick on Nodo.


My Ankylocodon is already Level 15 and ready to be 16 but I’m not wasting 10,000 coins on it.

Nodosaurus => Nodapatosaurus => Gigaspikasaur & Stegodeus both of which are mainstays in my team; the latter only needs 20 DNA to reach Level 20, the former 70 to reach Level 18.

No brainer for me but I appreciate we are not all in the same boat :slight_smile:


I think he means don’t dart nodopatosaurus- the epic over sino and ankylosaurus…


Ah - good point :zipper_mouth_face:


OK, fine. That will be just the same as my opinion.

Simplified, don’t go for any event hybrid in this week.


Euoplocephalus for those who don’t live in its zone
Sinoceratops & Ankylosaurus

And that’s that :kissing_heart:


Also I really wouldn’t waste an attempt on nodopatosaurus because not only can you fuse nodosaurus and apatosaurus to create it but they are honestly the hardest things EVER to dart.