Weekly events badly need an update

Weekly event themes haven’t been properly updated since, what, 1.9? I feel it’s long overdue to give new dinos a shot at being in some events. Here’s some I wanna see:

Fierce: Add Archeotherium Entelodon, AlloG2 and Mammoth
Bleed: Remove Dimodact, add Woolly Rhino
Armor: Remove Amargoceph, add Brontolasmus and Meiolania
Cleanse: Remove Posti and Edmontog, add Megaloceras, Eucladoceras and AlloG2
Stun: Remove Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops, add Nasutocera, Dracorex and Maiasaura
Lockdown: Add Titanoboa and Titanoboa G2 (doesn’t technically have a pinning move, but On Escape is close enough)
High HP: Add Baja
Fast: Remove Yoshi, add Smilodon and Erlikogamma


1.7 I think. (that’s when they changed irritator from fierce week) (BRING THIS BACK WE NEED IT) and put diplo in lockdown (yay). But I agree with this 999% we need a change to these events cause it will be the same repetitive creatures with no change…
Edit: 1.9 is when carbonemys got put into armor week… Still hasn’t been updated since then


yes please. update the events. keep people entertained. i would say go out, but that’s currently not possible for many atm.


Especially with this outbreak we need ways to get exclusives…

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Add Mammoth to Self Increase and we’ve got a deal

Yes, dont even remember the last time we saw bary gen 2.

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I agree 100%. I think mammoth would do better replacing posti or bary in self-increase than in fierce.
Fierce is typically chompers so Allo g2 would make more sense which you listed.

-Allo G2 could be in High HP, it has Allo g2 and G2 has more health
-Debuff week has dinos with 2 debuff moves, so Eucladoceros or Monolophosaurus could get added, since there are currently only 2 epics in debuff (kentro/koola)

-Hybrid Legacy Week could have a variant version or get a huge changeup, now that many dinos have 3 hybrids
Commons: Change Apato/Para for Dilopho G2
Rares: Add Spinosaurus/Kaprosuchus
Epics: Add Mammoth and Carbonemys

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I don’t even think it’s in a single event theme. Except for Fallen Kingdom.