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Weekly events?


What are the weekly events dinos this week? It’s usually there when I click on the mail button in game. This week it’s not. Is there no event, or just not announced like usual?


It was unusual.

They announced 3 days only. Maintaince is planned to be 25 minutes away so even less time to get commons.


Ugh only one day to get Irritator 18 times. :unamused:


I’m hoping that the end of the week will see some of the new pterosaurs appearing.


Agreed. Although I’m hoping by the end of today I’ve caught some.


I hope they drop today too after the event. I’ve got to walk through town tonight so that would be a great end to the day.


I hope they fly when the drone shoots at them. Gonna be such a rush if they just flap for the sky dodge and weave. They need to get rid of that fence.