Weekly Featured Creatures

Ludia always publishes them on the JWA facebook page, but I haven’t seen the info on here yet so I thought I’ll just start the topic and share the info here.

These are for Oct 1-7

Yes we earthians are weird

Oct. 8-14

It was already posted here: This weeks featured dinos

It should be this weeks repeated dinosaurs

Tnx, yes indeed! Last week I couldn’t find a topic on it. So I was planning on posting it every week here like an announcement since Ludia doesn’t seem to announce it on the forum, only on fb. I think it would be better to put it in announcements though, but I cannot add anything to the announcement section. Perhaps an idea for Ludia/moderators/whoever announces stuff on here to share the weekly featured creatures on this forum too?

But maybe I’m the only always checking fb just for this info. I’m hardly on fb otherwise… too busy playing this game I guess :laughing:

It would be better to put it on this forum too, but maybe that’s too much work for them.

I just watch their Twitter every Sunday at the same time, I see it straight away. If they can tweet it then surely they can post it here, but who am I kidding :joy:

I didn’t even know they share it on Twitter too. Yet another medium I never use :sweat_smile:

I don’t do Facebook at all, so I’m out of luck there.

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wow… really makes me want to get out there and dart these! ugh. They don’t even try to hide their contempt for the players anymore, do they?

I still see what i have uploaded and keep telling to myself…i hope you have photoshopped this.It was a shock…

Wasnt this suppose to be the week of the halloween featured creatures? :thinking:

Maybe they will run both at the same time.

Why would it be? Halloween is the week after so make sense for it to be that week.

Strike Events
Battle the scariest creatures chosen by the community in a string of Strike Events that will test your nerves between October 22nd and Halloween!

Scent Capsules
Synthesized by the DPG from sequences created at Jurassic World, the Halloween Scent attracts the most terrifying creatures on the map. Halloween Scents will guarantee a Rare creature, and will be obtainable via Scent Strike Events and in the store from October 22nd to Halloween!


Read the halloween event post…clearly says October 22nd- halloween.

K thanks :ok_hand:

Ok I see it now, but that talks about Strike Events, which is not the same as the weekly dinos.

Ludia trying to do their best in pishing away all their players: first all the nerfs, then reducing epic spawns significantly, followed by ridiculous incubator prices, crap dna in incubators, making epic strikes more difficult for the biggest average group of players, taking away most of the event drop points, ridiculous scent prices, …and now a whole week of crap weekly event dinos…tgis game is unfortunately bleeding to death (sadly because i used to love this game)

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Goodie I won’t be bearing the upcoming winter roaming all over for a pathetic green drop an entire week. Thank you for listening, Ludia