Weekly how much Apex DNA Did You Get Thread

The only one I seem to be able to do is Magnus. I got 20 again this week.

So my status on each apex:

0/0/40/0. In order of release.

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0 Mortem Rex
45 Hadros Lux
0 Ceramagnus
And of course 0 Gorgotrebax

I usually get only 15-20. On last Tuesday was my Birthday and I hoped to unlock Mortem (275/300) and I only got 15 again in a long row of 15s. Now it’s 295/300. It’s okay though. Didn’t expect to have enough luck and at least I can unlock it next week.

My Hadros Lux is currently at 190/300 and I got 25 and 15 (today) on Magnus.

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0 across the board because I am never given an opportunity. So I gave up asking.

295/185/45/0. Was so close to Mortem this week, but going to get him next week.

I only got a 20 tryo so I can’t. My 25 Indy also isn’t useful in raids so. Can’t wait to get Gemeni to maybe 22 this week. Only got 48

Mortem - 15
Hadros - 60
Cera - 0
Gorgo - 0

Screenshot_20201126-123250_JW Alive

First and only ever

This Week 20 Hardros, 15 Mortem and Screenshot_20201203_110359_com.ludia.jw2

15 Mortem (unlocked it last week anyway)
15 Hadros (sitting at 160 in total now)
15 Ceramagnus (at about 45 in total now)

25 on Magnus today :grin:

Mortem rex: 0
Hadros lux: 0
Cera magnus: 0

Apex dna in general: 0

Conclusion: I’m too weak for apex raids.

0 across. Haven’t really tried yet because I’ve only seen strategies employing dinos that I don’t have yet. Maybe after another year I’ll try.

I only have 20 mortem however it’s better than nothing :smiley:

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Im waiting until i get better dinosaurs

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Yea i weak for apex raid
Fun fact: who has Gorgotrebax DNA that kinda sus

Mortem: 0
hadros: 0
ceramagnus: 0
gorgo: 0
conclusion: thats a lot of 0000s