Weekly incubator question


Anyone know what day the Monolophasaurus will be in the weekly incubator


If you mean The Event Supply Drop,its Thursday-Friday-Saturday…ofcourse it depends the country/continent you are.But right now you can dart Monolophasaurus.


No there is an incubator that includes that dinosaur that you purchase in the store! Today it’s the giraffetitan


It does not look like there will be an incubator specifically for the Monolophosaurus–at least not at this time. The showcase is available for 3 days, after which Ludia will likely cycle in another showcase incubator for Week 10.

MetaHub.info suggests that the following Epics might be found in this week’s showcase incubator: Baryonyx, Gorgosuchus, Gryposuchus, Postimetrodon, and Sarcorixis.

The Ouranosaurus, Monolophosaurus, and Secodontosaurus are not indicated on MetaHub’s list whatsoever. Doesn’t necessarily mean that those creatures are absolutely not included, but it’s highly unlikely.


They actually have a picture of it in the promo for the incubators


Maybe I missed it being advertised. This is the only one I’ve seen so far. Ludia’s pretty good about following through regarding incubator advertising, so if they did advertise something I didn’t see, I’d expect it to be in the Market/Store in a few days. Maybe after players get a chance at the Event epics, you think?


Here’s the incubator you mentioned… Right on schedule, I’d say.