Weekly mission rewards are now available only for select alliances

Almost all alliances have faced problems this week with mission progress not showing. For select alliances this has been resolved. Rewards will be received in less than 48 hours now. It seems now that only the select alliances Ludia has focussed on (fixing) will be getting rewards this week.

Hopefully Ludia can resolve the issue soon as it seems numerous alliances are now likely to get a death sentence within 48 hours. Players will not want to stay in alliances that are broken and do not have rewards.

Several alliances have died and disbanded in the past 48 hours as there were no communications from Ludia and players switched to alliances that were fixed by Ludia.

In the past 48 hours not many alliances had their weekly rewards progress fixed and have not received any rewards at all today.

Looking at the new missions, many of the alliances which had not received rewards are saying they now see progress finally being visible, but only for the new week. All progress and rewards from las week have disappeared.

If you are one of the alliance leaders affected:
I feel very sorry for you. I know many of you have said you’ll quit the game after losing many members or the entire alliance, but give Ludia a bit more time to explain and help you out.