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Weekly Opt in choice for daily dino

I have seen people requesting different daily dinos. To perhaps satisfy everyone. Maybe every Monday players can opt into there choice of specific dino for there daily dino that week. This would be fair I think as each player could benefit where they want to benefit. Obviously more thought should go into this so it can’t be spammed. And well planned.

But if we had the weekly choice on our daily dinos this would seriously help players where they need help! And would certainly keep them active on the goals. Maybe its too much to ask? Idk sounds decently good on paper to me.

Maybe even make it an event: choice daily dino event runs for two weeks etc…Need more sino and it never spawns for me and I keep getting 10 fuses.

I agree with you. Since we can request the DNA we need in our alliance, there shouldn’t be technical difficulties for us to customize the rewards DNA of daily mission.