Weekly raid schedule fulfilled. What's next

Ok so, with 2.3 we have complete 4 day raid schedule 4 Apex creatures. So what do you think the future of the game would be like and will we see new apexes? :slightly_smiling_face:

No body :
Ludia : 5 raid each day !!!

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they should add raid at weekend ( i know some people are enjoying tournament and no have time to do raid )


These past few updates have come out in pretty quick pace. Maybe they gonna take a break and work on the next big thing for a few months.

Hopefully a retirement of certain raids like Sinoceratops and introduction of replacements of each rarity.


what u mean ludia wants 47 raids every day for 5 days

I don’t mind raids on weekend if I can disable invites. Problem is that invites will interupt battles. As more people have time over weekend you will get 5 invites in a minute. While you are mid battle, invites will appear in background and there will be connection issues, cause of invites. Lost match.

Until invites can interupt battles, weekend without raids is better.


Honestly raids should cycle weekly from here on out, so if they added an Apex Sauropod, for example, it might join a weekly rotation that lets it replace any of the current Apex creatures

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no one:
really no one:
ludia: Should we add raids on the weekends? no, it just demands more attention to our source of income and overexploit the week

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