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Weekly rares


I thought I still had time to get the Tuojiangosaurus DNA. But all have disapeared ! Normally I have untill 15.00h (netherlands). But now only normal supplydrops???


And now, 1 hour earlier, the epics are already there.
Is this a change or only today ??


Hey there, @Hanne, unfortunately, players only had one day to try all six attempts to dart Tuojiangosaurus but you now have three days during which you can have up to eighteen attempts on Epic dinosaurs!


It’s because they had daylight savings time last weekend, so they have gone back one hour.


North America already changed time, while we in Europe didn’t yet. That’s why everything is one hour early.

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I think we should have been warned …


Warned? I mean people should know about these things in general. I live in the UK but I knew clocks were changing in the US. You gotta take responsibility for yourself, rather than have everything on a silver platter.