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Weekly Reminder that multi-dino events should allow you to hunt whichever of the dinosaurs at an event spawn


Instead of having to hunt for event spawns with the particular dinosaur you need. In reference to this post about Ludia’s twitter announcement:

Wednesday thru Friday will feature 30 attempts for FIVE rares. If you only want ONE of those rares, you have a 20% chance of finding it at each stop. Have fun.


While they’re at it, why don’t they just have all the dinosaurs of the entire game spawn at your house so you don’t have to get up to find them?

The point of the game is to hunt for them. If it was spoon fed to everyone then it would make the game a complete waste of time.


Last week, 4 dinosaurs were crammed together and everyone felt it was a mess!! And this week, they add one more to the group to make it even more difficult?

A good option to avoid this mess would be to “Increase the park spawn points to at least the number of different dinos in the event (There should be minimum 5 spawn points in each park with 5 distinct dinos).”

Bigger parks have many spawn points but I have seen same dinosaur being repeated instead of varying between the options.


Remember when there was one dino per event day? The only complaint about that EVER was when people wanted to have it go the full day instead of 12 hours. Otherwise, that method was totally fine.

How are you so naive that you think having to check 5 different event spawns for the dinosaur you want during these type of events equates to “fun”?

For reference, I’m at about 4200 trophies, been playing about 3 months, and I go out of my way for dinosaurs all the time. I’m not expecting these things to be forcefed to me. However, I have this thing called a job, something I assume most of us have these days, and it was super easy to go to maybe 3-12 event spawns in a day and get what I need.

But now if I want 1 dinosaur to use those thirty attempts on, and I have a 1/5 chance of finding it at an event spawn, including the ones THAT DON’T HAVE ANY ACTIVE SPAWNS ON THEM (which makes zero sense to me), that means statistically I’ll have to travel to 150 event spawns to complete this event, over 3 days. That’s 50 stops per day.

Now how do you defend something like that and call it fun?


So. Much. Whining. If you don’t have “fun” then just uninstall the game. Easy. Cheesy.


Ludia pls change these events to only give out hybrid Dino’s having common trash spawn in them is pointless as we see those all day. Also having 5 Dino’s spawning but only 1 is hybridable means the amount of travel to get the decent Dino is quite riddiculous


I understand how it can be frustrating and I get that you are displeased. I just think that you’re creating the drama for yourself and making yourself upset when you could just have fun with it.

Everyone interprets fun things differently. I wouldn’t call you naive for finding something you enjoy to be fun. However, I will call out the whining you’re doing.

If you aren’t expecting things to be forcefed to you then why are you even bringing this issue up in the first place? You’re literally complaining that it would be preferred to have the choice of getting whatever dinosaur you want so that you don’t have to keep searching. But then you say you don’t expect it to be forcefed? You can’t contradict yourself and expect others to take you seriously. Furthermore, NOBODY is forcing you to play this game too. You’re creating the stress for yourself and then getting upset about it.

You’re not the only one with a job, a life, and other responsibilities. You’re also not the only one that goes out of your way for dinosaur dna. Just because you may have certain difficulties with a hectic or busy schedule and life stresses in general does not mean that the game should accommodate you in any way shape or form.

The difference between you and others who find the dino hunting aspect fun is that not everyone has the same attitude as you. You choose how you react to things and right now you’re choosing to complain and say it’s not fun when you can’t get what you want.

I am an elementary school teacher. Should I make exams easier for those students who have a busier schedule outside of school because it means they’ll have to work harder to get what they want? Nope. I’m not going to spoon feed my students and teach them to grow up into entitled adults who can’t handle minor/trivial difficulties.