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Weekly reward incubator missing

Has anybody else missing the weekly reward incubator. Didnt get one last week and not seen one this weekend. Ots normally on the Saturday isn’t it…or have they stopped giving them out. Any info would be greatly appreciated

They’ve stopped giving them out unfortunatley. They updated their covid page with that and will update if anything changes their current freebies. (Like the increased drone range and giga scents as well)

The reward inc is now replaced by the treausre chases.


No worries. Thanks for the heads up…genuinely a little sad about that ha ha…as I looked forward to them. Tried searching online for an existing answer to the question but couldn’t find one. Will check outnthe covid thread. Thanks Qiew

They also nerfed the coin chase. So 1 every hour. I enjoyed when you could just get them until you got your max coins.

Iv learnd in life to take good care of the hand that feeds you.

Why do they take away stuff??

Ah, that explains why I couldn’t find anything. I went out ONCE today to hunt, as would be reasonably expected of most people, twice if it fits their schedule and living situation. A single chest with 500 coins was an unfortunate letdown, though not ENTIRELY unexpected given Ludia’s insistence on reducing coins across the board.

If it’s only once every hour, then they had best place those chests everywhere you can reach from one’s home/school/work and not have diminished coin value from a distance. I am not privy to how the current system works in that regard but I would hope it’s not as lacklustre as I currently am being given reason to believe.

I honestly hope they keep the larger circle distances for drones cause I’ll be down to like 2 drops in range of my house.