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Weekly rotation

i recently hit lvl 55 and noticed that most of the legendary unlock events are for 55+ so i was wondering what other legendaries are in the weekly rotation?

i think some
ostafrika, dimorphodon, unay, sarco, scapho, I don’t remember others… my bad :joy:

Unay Sarco and Scapho are definitely locked.

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Unay is battle stage
Scaphas is locked
Sarco is in rotation
Dimorph is in rotation
Ostafrika is in rotation
Micropo is in rotation
And there is 1 or 2 more

Safco is not. They are Dimorpho, Micropo, Ostafrika and Therizino

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Why do i remember unlocking sarco by a monday event…? I have it unlocked and I am a post shuffle player

Edit: my mistake I don’t have it unlocked