Weekly schedule 01/11/21-01/18/21

Yesss. Common week unlock. I do need Utah


this was last week right…
it says JAN 4 - JAN 10
the actual one…

Soooo sorry. Will chamge rn

For VIPs this is a Stygimoloch tournament for sure though.


Yeah i am finally going to get Labyrinthosaurus and spinoraptor with those unlock

Labyrintho is very good. Wait, spinoraptor may unbalance, can i see your bench? @anon52700103

Guys! It IS the week you should rush into the shatterings if you have been seeking for some commons lead to some useful hybrids. Never gonna have them for a long while after this, so… Go on, go get them while you can!! :wink:


I just realized this week’s tournament is VIP, so what it could be by looking back at the previous tourneys having the same background if there are some? Anyone?



This week:


Wuerhosaurus has not had a backer like that yet for a VIP so it’s possible it could be him as well.


I need Utah too. Nice

Wait, how
Do you know? He can be unlocked?!!!

Nope VIPS can’t be unlocked. It just rewards you one copy


Man I would love a Stygy

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I do not have a picture but i have level 10 vip x2 , alangasaurus level 40, level 20 legendary, level 13 stegoceratops ,level 20 diplotator, level 20 Nundagosaurus and level 20 ophiciacomimus+ level 30 super rare and level 40 rare

I also know that way but when I was scrolling back and backwards on the games official site, I saw an announcement tweet about Wuerhosaurus to be “unlocked”. Something similar like “Play this weekend’s VIP tournament to unlock Wuerhosaurus.” I had a screenshot also but don’t wanna put in here to create confusion. 'Cause it was not a recent post, maybe from like a year back.

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Oh thanks once again @Sionsith, helpful as always. Been looking up and down for this image but couldn’t find anywhere. But I remember a tournament including “twin” Stygimolochs that you earn two copies which I had my fingers crossed a long while since then. It could be another one of that event?


You should deepen your lineup. Almost at your level and this is till where i use my lineup for events.

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Watched the video, glad to hear about your excitement on my modded tracking. :slight_smile: I know you are into tracking stats in all parts of the game so pretty fun to see we share stuff in common. Seeing your progression and current goals, I can see the real joy in this. Progressing even further, kind of a life motto I think. So thanks. :slight_smile: @Sionsith