Weekly schedule (01/17/22 - 01/23/22)

Well I must have been 50 then

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Some light reading regarding Aquatic tournaments

Last year’s Bananogmius Aquatic Bracketed Tournament

My standard openers for Aquatic Bracketed Tournaments. Typically, this lineup earns 30 trophies. In Jurassic Bracketed Tournaments, we have since learned that bringing a higher Ferocity will earn more trophies, but this should give players a starting point


Thank you Chris! :pray:t2:

I’ve been investing on my lacking aquatics for a long time, I hope I harvest its fruits.

Will be different after those long monotonous tourney runs, reminding me my rookie days that’s for sure. :upside_down_face:

This year’s goals will be nothing but the fancy endgame hybrids, so you are right on point as that folic acid rich prehistoric lizard will be one of them. :smile:


Thank you Andy, this will be even more than perfect to look at once again. :clap:t2:

And for the hybrid guys, Mr. Sion’s comperative images left no doubt in minds I think, Hyneria And Helicoprion are the absolute candidates.

Gillicus has a distinctive jaw structure which is its highlight. But the hybrid’s jaws and mouth are basically herited by the Helicoprion already as it seems. Rest of the Gillicus does not resemble much as contrary to what Hyneria offers. Her gills and scale structure are remarkable when added to its kinda awkward head features. Which all fit with the hybrid.

I love Gillicus as you all do, but sorry for the friends here hoping it to be. Our answer is obvious. :man_shrugging:t2:

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So originally i was thinking Edestus as the tournament but thats a cave, then i thought gillicus but instead we have a hyneria.

so idk.

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It might be a coincidence as well.

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I really want the banana fish, so I’m hoping for it!
Now, I am not sure I’ll be able to finish it Dominator League in an Aquatic Tournament. This will be my first try!

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I doubt it’s a coincidence tbh.

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You may be right. It does make sense.

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I can’t say it’ll be my first time, but my arsenal is now a lot bigger than the previous ones. Yet I’m still making additions, my army is ready for a siege. :military_helmet:

So I can say that, this will be my first “solid” try. :wink:

Well I was wrong.

Well I’m set :wink:

Then everything below I have everyone unlocked and at L40, with me having 2 L40 copies for the Aquatics missing a Hybrid.

I just have yet to get Mosa Gen 2 back up to L40 (no rush since I am not pressed for Surfaces).


Can you loan some of those for the tournament :pleading_face::pleading_face:.


I would if I could :pensive:

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Ouch, today’s lotto is a bust on 1% for a VIP mystery pack on the top ticket.



Messaged the team, it will be fixed shortly. Apologies


Please close and reopen your game, and you should see a Bananogmius pack instead of a VIP mystery pack now.


It’s been some time since I did all the weekend PVE :grin:
Legendary Rumble, battles not in order

Modded PVE event. Didn’t screenshot the winning team for the first battle

And the very interesting double trikes :sauropod:

Happy that I am able to complete all the weekend PVE for the first time in ages.

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