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Weekly Schedule 03/29/21 - 04/04/21

I don’t know that, I’m just stating my observation.

You are likely Correct though.

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I see, ok, thanks. @Ned , do we know if that is the case? Discounts won’t last beyond the point the events update? Even if they’re scheduled to?


Hey Bandeezee, I’ll check with our team to see what might have happened! Once I get more info, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Hey there, Bandeezee. May I ask if you are in a country that observes daylight savings time? As the time change was implemented on March 15th, 2021. The 24-hour timer does not change, but it might start/end at a different time now, depending on your location.

This happened to me too. The 24hour timer started at 11am local CST and ended the next day at 7am CST on the event reset.


It had nothing to do with Daylight savings. The discount started later than normal, as in it was not activated at the typical start of the day for the game, it became active like 3-4 hours later and had a 24 hour clock associated with it. At the daily change over it would have had some 3-4 hours left on the timer but instead of continuing it was shut off.


Thanks, Sionsith. Relaying back to our team!


This screen shot shows the difference in the tournaments end time 5am my local time and then the discount supposedly going for an additional 4 hours past that window.


Thanks for the reply Ned and I do live in a region that acknowledges daylight savings time, but like the others said the difference was more than one hour. My events reset at 5am for me. I had calculated the discount and it was supposed to end at 9am for me. I checked before 8am I believe and it was already gone.