Weekly Schedule 1/10/22 - 1/16/22

Already have it, got him and kentro when they were WWF packs.

I swear if its a pachyrino tourney, I will be so mad, and yet happy. The reason I would be mad is because I bought a pachy for 8500 dbs. Now I realize that was such a waste. :man_facepalming:


Just now :crossed_fingers: then I can get one of my favourite hybrids :grin:


Also I couldve sworn we’ve had a tarbo tournament not too long ago, il gladly take another though…


Do you have it unlocked or at lvl 40?

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YAY. Just YAY. VIP tournament when my school is starting :persevere:

At least it isnt Twin Stygymoloch…

I don’t know whether I’ll have time to finish in weekend tournaments also.

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If its Bumpy…

screw my homework

Edit: got to finish my sentence.

December 14, 2020

Edit: so, it’s been almost 2 years since the last Pachyrhinosaurus tournament: 2/17/2020. It hasn’t had a Clash, although it did lose to Segnosaurus for June/July 2020


I bought one too. It isn’t a waste. 8500DB is a great deal for 77,000 DNA Dino. I think we also got some DNA and food too.


its not waste I bought armormata for that bec his "parrents are locked for me

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the last one may be bumpy it can’t be

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I think it’s pachy, and hope it’s pachy too

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I won’t mind if its Pachy. Repeat tournaments are always welcome

I am so hype if it is. I’ve just about got megalosaurus maxed. Imma save all my bucks and imma grind this out like crazy

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I’m so hyped if it is


I still won’t mind Bumpy as he’s like one of my favourite dinosaurs so yeah

But isn’t Anky gen 2 a stand in for Bumpy? She is blue too.


Bumpy is mostly green if you’ve noticed.

She does in the loading screen, but in merch she looks Blue! and in the show too.


Well in that case Anky G2 doesn’t look that blue…

Also that Bumpy figure looks so cool ! Is this Tomika Tomy ?