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Social media 50 db today…


If all goes well, Pachygal will be my first double shiny hybrid. Unless i yet again get too attached to the level 40, wich i probably will.

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Yeah another one I’d kind of rather keep the herbivore for a little while than making another carnivore I don’t particularly need (currently). At least this one is a pretty awesome meat shield though, so won’t mind at all adding it.

Very happy to have Megalosaurus as the next unlock. Will have to wait for Pachyrhinosaurus for the hybrid though.

I also would really love for Segnosaurus to be next weeks unlock. No matter what my herbivores always seem to be trailing.

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Is this the first time we can buy a pack with DNA, or did I miss something? I hope we get more S-DNA packs like this for the other super hybrids too .


I don’t think it’s the first time.

I think that’s an amazing deal factoring in both the sdna and loyalty points.

This is by far the best card offer ever. I call this Indoraptor armageddon.
I only can’t understand what Ludia intentions are by offering us this card pack.
I’ve bought 20 packages so far , enough for 4 Indoraptors, and still got 1mio DNA left. Am I’m going to spend the rest too? Probably not, I’m afraid that this will blow my long term strategy for this game into pieces.

I’ve got more than 300 SDNA plus more tha 900 VIP points for each package. That means for 72,000 DNA I get the strongest dino in the whole Jurassic world plus more than 5,500 VIP points. With the rest of my DNA I could buy 80 more packages which would be roughly 15 more Indoraptors, I’m not sure if I want this.

It would like to know if @blazerguy is going crazy now. With his DNA he can buy enough SDNA to hatch Indoraptors for the rest of this century.


Now all we need are similar offers for other Super Hybrids. I have a huge pile of Indo DNA just gathering dust at the moment (even a level 1 Indo = bye bye ferocity balance) so this one in particular achieves nothing for me.
Still, cool offer


Haha oh yes! I did the math for fun and even if I didn’t have tons of dna it’s an amazing pack like you said. Helps for maybe future indo gen 2? If only I could enter a number of how many packs I want to buy at once lol. I have 2 level 21 i-rex so I will go for the indo soon. Just curious how unbalanced it will be at first.
Very excited megalosaurus is the tourney this weekend to get meat shield pachy.

Maybe you can hire someone who buys card packs for you while you are at work, eat or sleep.

I’ll just get a decent amount while watching tv in the evenings. Hopefully more sdna packs will come after this to get more of the others.


Does anyone remember if there was ever a more expensive card offer?

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I’m in the same boat. Already have enough for 8 Indos, that I won’t be making for the foreseeable future… I would have loved if there were similar packs for the other s-hybrids.

But being a VIP, the doubled LPs alone are pretty much worth it, and I’ll just have to assume that the day IS going to come where I’ll be really glad of having spent the DNA to get these. :wink: So now I have enough to make NINE Indoraptors! That DNA was supposed to go to my next I-Rex, but what the hey.

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Looks like all that DNA you got selling off your overpowered dinos is gradually paying off! It’s kind of cool that you came by it without hacking like so many others do.

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I bought 6 indos and now I have 12 total. Had enough VIP points to buy the tanycolagreus pack :joy: sped up 3 in the hatchery and left 3 in there because it was already like 5,000 DBs to speed up their hatch times. It cost me something like ~700,000 DNA but it was worth it

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I’m up to 210,000 raptor sdna. Should last awhile :joy: