Weekly Schedule - 1/20/2020 - 1/26/2020

Lots of Special Events this week: Gen 2 Fury toward the beginning of the week followed by a Gyrosphere Event, a Tournament, and a Boss Battle through the weekend

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I need the psephoderma but I am not in that bracket. I am level 85. How am I ever going to get this??? :rage::rage:

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That does seem like quite a week.

The gyrosphere is labeled as aquatic. Of course, God only knows if that means it’s a Jurassic gyrosphere with an aquatic prize, an aquatic gyrosphere with a Jurassic prize, or a Jurassic gyrosphere with a Jurassic prize that someone mislabeled.

Every time I see the weekly schedule get a label wrong it makes me think of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s conversation about Artoo in the elevator in Revenge of the Sith:

Anakin: He is trying.
Obi-Wan: Did I say anything? I didn’t say anything!


(Pictures for you, @Andy_wan_kenobi!).

As for how the weekly schedule actually all turns out…



Quite true

Seriously, if a creature is only unlocked via special event and that special event is only offered to the lower bracket, how can the higher bracket folks unlock it? @Ned. Any insight?

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Somewhere they said they will all rotate, but I am not sure how long that will take, but the fact that they are doing two creatures a week should help them cycle faster.

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Thanks. I was thinking only certain creatures were in each bracket.

Mono DNA pack is 20k dna, glad these are continuing! :grin:

Looks like the Gyrosphere event will be for the raptor decorations which I am really happy about:

Boss event will be Omega 9:


Hi everyone, the gyrosphere event this week will be Jurassic, the calendar event has been updated on Facebook.


Arrgh, so wishing now I didn’t spend my DNA on those Velociraptor sDNA packs!! The mono one would be SO much more useful to me… but can’t afford it now!

Yet another completely underwhelming gyrosphere “event”. Rare and common hybrids? No DBs? I’ll pass.

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For those interested, it looks like the Gen 2 event will be for Velociraptor and the World Boss is Omega 09


Unfortunately mono S-DNA pack costs 20000 DNA instead of 12000 that velosiraptor S-DNA pack costed. It is a bit destructive for all of us who save DNA for the next S-DNA packs … I think that they increased the price because 80 S-DNA are more valuable for monostegotops and other super hybrids than Indoraptor . The last one demands the douple S-DNA to be made .

Looks like the tournament will be Gastornis. Yeah! Need that unlock even though they nerfed the poor bird.

I see I was mistaken about what the Gyrosphere was (the aquatic symbol threw me off). I’ll have to see what the DB cost is, but getting one of the exclusive statues may just tempt me. Wish I was past this mission for a Indoraptor and needing the one that requires Gyro events! (Really makes no sense that the missions require such powerful dinos that you can’t safely make for quite a long time in the game).


Unless it’s Kelekken

I had looked at both of their feet, and pretty sure the one shown is Gastornis.

Hope so
10 characters

For sure Gastornis:

Kelenken has got to thin of feet/legs:

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To everyone who plans to try gyrosphere I would suggest to choose more amphibians at your team , because the opponents are all carnivores (velociraptors) .