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Weekly Schedule - 1/6 - 1/12

The first week of the year starts without tournament. :interrobang::interrobang::interrobang::interrobang::interrobang:


As well as creatures I’ve already unlocked lol

Not a great Clash of Titans Dino either. I guess they all can’t be great😊

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And no boss event, no community event, nothing. What the heck?!!


Secodontosaurus Clash? Really? People went for that hybrid-less health tank?
Did i miss something?



They start very low, so they have a lot of room for improvements in the weeks to come.


I think this is the clearest evidence ever that Ludia doesnt care about the poll results. I had my suspicions when they gave us Trodon again… but this??? There is no WAY that BOTH of the other options didn’t get more votes. As long as I’ve been waiting for Smilodon, it really sucks for them to do this and give us yet another lame carnivore.

Maybe you should vote for the creature you want the least in the next poll.
I told you that I do no longer participate in the polls because I’ve got everything unlocked, except those two fishes I’m awaiting for months now…and Indominus Rex 2nd gen of course.

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We had a Dimorphodon unlock event not long ago also. At least it feels like it, could be wrong. :thinking:

Very disappointed that Seco got the CoT. I was hoping it would be Smilodon as well for @Mary_Jo, but it’s not even Bambi so…don’t get it.

I’m fortunate to have Smilodon but I have several Cenozoic creature (Indricotherium, Bambi 1) I have been waiting a while to unlock so wish that Cenozoic creatures in general would get more unlock events.

No tournament also?! Gotta say (I’m grateful for any event or unlock I can get), this week looks kind of boring.


Like I said… I don’t think they care what wins the poll, they give us the one THEY want, same as for tournaments…which more often than not, seems to be the least useful and/or desirable of what’s offered. Sigh. At least the Edestus was one I needed… they must not want us to get more than one in a row that are rarer offerings. Don’t think I’ll bother voting anymore when clearly it doesn’t matter.


I, for one, welcome the week off. It’s been six months without a scheduled tournament. Of course, I’ll probably have the weekend free from a bunch of personal business as well…

Regarding Clash, it is possible that Smilodon and Eucladoceros split the vote allowing Secondontosaurus to steal the win. Or maybe Ludia doesn’t go with the poll result or the are other factors in play (don’t ask me what cause I don’t know)


I highly doubt that Secondo would get enough votes to beat both of the others even if they split the votes. Not with one never having had an unlock and the other having not had one in a long time particularly since its hybrid came out. Just not buying that as an excuse. Clearly they just didn’t use the poll because they didn’t want to let us have both of them and ended up putting the deer in a tournament.

I am going to clash for this titan…I already have it but I like a little break every now and then.

Do the easy battles and get a free creature at the end of the month!! Sign me upppp.

In the mean time…I gotta catch up to Mary_Jos new creation!! Yudon🤯


I welcome this. Not going to do CoT, nor any daily events. Just going to take a break and hatch, hatch, hatch. Maybe if there is an interesting tourney this month I will pursue… but otherwise just coast.


@Moai I like this. It’s nice to take a step back…relax and enjoy the game at a different pace.

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Ordinarily I’d like a week off, but the last tournament just went so seamlessly I guess I’m hungry for more. lol

@Trexy Makes a good point. I’ll always take a free tournament creature.


I like the idea… but I know I’ll do whatever they put in front of me anyway!


You’re probably right, but other explanations are possible. Yours is definitely the most probable.

For what it’s worth Secondontosaurus was the Clash creature last January as well

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Is there any way to see if u have the dimorphodon already unlocked while u still have 2 waiting in the market to be hatched?

Go to the market and sort by “Locked”