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Weekly Schedule 10/12/2020-10/18/2020

3 times in a row like that… You can win that easily :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:@Sionsith @Timmah

Is this lower Pred?

Otherwise, those are some pretty under powered dinos.


Pvp no pred in tournament by the way i never get in pred robber is the highest and than i get opponents like this :wink:

Can you take a screen shot at the loading screen? So it shows creatures with out advantages and what pack level you are fighting at?

For instance:
This pack:

Against this team:

I did another trying to get as close to your creatures, same pack as above but got these creatures:

These were very doable, if you are getting those matchups every time for the advanced wheel something is wrong with your game and I would put a ticket into support with tons of screen shots and support to show each step of the way. Does this happen with Aquatic and Cenozoic PvP as well for you?

As you might guess from my other comment, I haven’t played PvP in a really long time (just PvP Modded).

But, I’m shocked if that is the match ups you get!

Dont play pvp right now but my last duell as robber yeah it was no duell …

Second one was pvp also a good joke

What do you mean by robber? Do you mean hunter? Silver colour just below predator?

That match you’ve got right there is top predator level match

That second one is a piece of cake with the dinos your bringing ngl

That was hunter :wink: sorry for my bad english
That was the forth in a row like that where i lost my beSt dinos …

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For the second match he will switch in sucho, you then switch in posto, he will switch in a herb, you then switch in quetzal as bait and continue to reserve till you have 8 points, easy sailing from there on…

It comes down to battle strategy, with that second pic raise all 3 of the opponents dinos levels by 10 and it’s still a beatable match for me with max alanga max quetzal max posto

He began so he switches always in the countercolour which was wise from him

Cant stand when they go first, glad this doesnt happen in tournaments, no matter what people say the player who goes second is always at a disadvantage they have one more round to catch up on reserve points

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Gold is predator, silver is hunter, light blue would be dominator

You wont believe it but that i have wone that guy must learn :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So since I now know these are tournament battles which is very different then standard PvP you are getting exactly what you should be getting based on the rank and league you are facing.

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Some players dont get it over powered but not smart …

When i am playing in afternoon i get easy opponents …

Spoiler alert, you are not facing real players only computer generated bots.

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I finally did it against this monster